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Sept 11 Hoax, NATO Terrorism & Fake Threat Perceptions 




It seems the NATO rogues plan to stay in Afghanistan focusing on Silk Road for a long time.  Sept-11 hoax was unleashed on America essentially to destroy and destabilize Muslim nations, starting from Afghanistan.  


Pretending to be searching for Osama and his WMD following the Sept-11 hoax, Washington has almost destroyed a sovereign Afghanistan, killed millions of Muslims. In recent times, upon accomplishing the target of Muslims and their resources, the Obama regime has tried various tricks like talks, deeds and deals with both ruling puppet regime of Hamid Karzai and former rulers, the Taliban.  


The western media nuts and their eastern foxy allies willingly help the Islamophobia movement by targeting Muslims and Islam through highlighting fake threat perceptions.


NATO terror gangs have killed millions of Afghans, Pakistanis ad Iraqis but they still rest the foreign occupation. The display of arrogance on part of the Americans once again highlighted the fact that even after a decade of bloodying their noses in a mismatched contest against the ragtag Afghan resistance no lessons have been learnt. Seen in real context, neither peace in Afghanistan nor stability in the region appears to be on the agenda of the so-called ‘Coalition of the willing’. 


The global terror alliance (GTA) led by USA also used the summit to reassure Afghan’s chief puppet Karzai that NATO will fund his security forces and continue training beyond 2014. 

Pentagon hopes Afghanistan's security terror forces, which will grow to 352,000 later this year, can take the lead throughout the country next year, enabling foreign troops to gradually switch from combat to training mode.  NATO boss Rasmussen said the NATO will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Afghanistan puppets and obviosuly kill more Afghans.  

But isn't it just odd to go on fighting an illegal war knowing the disastrous for NATO nations and why that they are going to end it now?  


Anti-Islamic rogue states may have achieved their objective of destabilizing many Muslim nations, silencing many others, looting many energy rich Muslim nations, killing millions of innocent people, terrorizing humanity. 


All anti-Islamic nations have joined hands with the hypocritical Muslim nations to tarnish the image of Islam by employing the gains of Sept-11 hoax, target Muslims and rich Muslim nations. But in the process, crude hypocrisy of Muslim nations playing second fiddle to the enemy of Islam stands exposed. 

What US-led NATO terror forces are doing now to prolong the illegal war launched on fictitious pretext of Sept-11 hoax. American terror strategists want the forces to continue to kill Afghans and Pakistanis until final orders from Washington.

The US state terrorists have been training at Fort Bliss in Texas, practicing operations in mocked-up Afghan villages, charging from helicopters but encountering innocent locals whom they want to slaughter as "insurgents". Some of them were surprisingly still fighting at the end of an illegal war and handing over control to others. 

Washington is trying to keep its puppet leaders in Afghanistan in good humors by feeding them with dollars and liquor. So is this just about winding down a war that cannot be won! Is the government of Afghanistan going to be there?

Clearly, the USA is waging WW-III on Islam and Muslim nations. CIA/Pentagon strategists concerned that instead of fighting and killing the remaining Afghans/Taliban, now it's about bringing home as many people as they can. 

The terror strategists form the USA, UK and  their allies are never tired  of generating fake threat perceptions about "Islamic terror attacks" and circulate these  hot "stuffs"  among the eagerly waiting Eastern media lords for the spread of the "news". 

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