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Book Review

Global Peace and Conflict Management:

Man and Humanity in Search of New Thinking by Mahboob A. Khawaja


Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, May 2012 (ISBN 978-3-659-00093-5)

The book offers brilliant new thinking and scholarly visions responding to complex and changing global crisis situations. Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja shares cross-cultural knowledge and international experiences to spearhead the interests and values of Man, Humanity and the Universe - the embodied global citizenry ignored by the rulers and scholars in abstract notions and superficial models of peace and security management. Few most hated and feared leaders overwhelmed with pretensions and perpetuated animosity are terrorizing the mankind that Arnold Toynbee calls warriors as dreamers and Hans Morganthau would define them as cruel monsters, sucking out its moral and spiritual values to be just digits and numbers - insecure and vulnerable to catastrophic future. The Universe engulfed with dysfunctional organizations, secret weapons and nuclear disasters and global warming are time bombs in waiting.                                                                                  



The warmongers are anti-human and anti-peace. Righteousness and wickedness cannot be combined in one human character. The humanity looks to scholars of new ideas and integrity for a secure future, logically spells out Dr. Mahboob – “Man and Humanity in Search of New Thinking” – Global Citizenry as the nucleus body of peace and conflict resolution to reshape anew future. Dr. Khawaja enriched with optimism and political imagination integrates the moral and spiritual values as the rational forces of global mankind in a model for peace and conflict management and a sustainable future.


The 21st century’s egomaniac politicians obsessed with perpetuated animosity, tyranny of corruption and transgression are challenging the Laws of God and waging bogus wars of terrorism against the very humanity they falsely claim to represent; and the global institutions of peace and security rendered dysfunctional craving another age of darkness and catastrophic future. Arnold Toynbee called the warriors as dreamers and Hans Morganthau would have defined them as sadistic monsters. 


 To change the prevalent despotism into optimism, Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja – a global visionary and proactive scholar in global peace, security and conflict management offers intelligent new thinking and persuasively powerful new visionary models of the real world in peace-making and conflict management. Under the materialistic hegemonic control of the few, the contemporary scholars, policy experts and academics have ignored the true assets of the mankind and its moral and spiritual value-based imperatives in peace and conflict management paradigms.


 All conscientious and thinking scholars would reaffirm the role and vitality of the global citizenry in peace and conflict resolution; yet, the sadistic warmongers view the humanity just in digits and numbers and continue to drain-out its positive energies, thinking and aspirations by global warfare.


 The delusional superpowers led by the US are at crossroads - politically, morally and financially broken and unable to cope with continuous uncertainty of the future that soon they could be replaced by more efficient and responsible emerging nations of the East to assume leadership role in global affairs. Oil supplies and the dollar are the reasons for the bogus wars. In fast approaching peak-oil age and soaring oil prices, the proponents of the bogus War on Terror are investing in animosities against Islam and Muslims, militarization and creating invincible armies to dream of glory and triumph - the consequences of their own triviality and viciousness against the mankind, they cannot escape.


 If the oil-exporting Arabs and Muslims nations had educated and intellectual leadership they could have performed a balancing act in global affairs. Not so, they are subservient to the political masters of the West.  The re-enacted NATO has to prove that it is relevant and capable to manage superficial animosities and to encounter conveniently available reactionary Islamic militancy; something it failed to do against the former Warsaw Pact nations under the USSR led ideological warfare.  The continuous wars have incapacitated the Arab-Muslim nations as some are complacent in providing logistical support to the US-British aggressions in Iraq and Afghanistan.




Across Western Europe and North America, the people are against the wars but the US strategic plans increasingly pursuing more seen-unseen wars against the Arabs-Muslims, not just to occupy their natural resources but to go beyond Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and occupy the lands and people.  


This is a call for a decadent Islamic culture to be destroyed within as the political developments are shaping beginning with Syria onward to other Arabian Peninsula - collapse of the Muslim people to be taken over by the Crusaders. The author wonders, if the oil enriched Arab elite occupying dusty palaces could come out to freedom to THINK on their own of a Navigational Change to avert the self-geared disasters?


The contemporary Western leaders are misleading the masses into delusional happiness. Wars do not create economic prosperity. Man-made conflicts are not the means to pursue peace and harmony. Righteousness and wickedness cannot be combined in one human character, so is the resulting tragic politics of the 21st century world. The Earth and Space are wired with secrecy and global warming is a clicking time bomb for the future. The most hated and feared leaders do not have the intellectual and political capacity to solve any problems which they have created.


The humanity looks to proactive scholars and intelligent and honest people of new ideas, integrity and leaders of change to envisage and plan the future - logically and fascinately spells out Dr. Mahboob – “Man and Humanity in Search of New Thinking” - for Man, humanity and the Universe to co-exist without animosity of the few vengeful mindsets. Man being the most intelligent creation on Earth and the nucleus of Humanity must think of his originality of Creation and coherent role-play within the Laws of God governing Man’s life and the Universe. The Man, the Humanity and the Universe must be seen as interrelated to envisage global peace and harmony on the One Plant. Life, the universe and the laws of governance of the planet are not the outcomes of politicians and staged actors.


 Is there ANEW culture of Thinking and emotions to bring the mankind back to its originality of Rationality, Unity and Co-existence to save the humanity and civilizations? Lessons of history are ignored - most feared and most hated leaders, who drove the mankind to the insanity of the Two World Wars, likewise are actively engaged to undermine the future prospects of the mankind. With failed international institutions, incompetent and corrupt global leadership affiliated to the Washington-based Military-Industrial complex continues to enforce militarization of the globe- an insane perversion against the logic of peace and co-existence amongst the mankind.


 The mankind looks to Men of intellect, scholars of integrity for solutions, certainly not to the warmongers destroying life and habitats throughout the globe. Dr. Khawaja argues that the future belongs to the global citizenry not to the few sadistic warlords, and that an informed and politically mature and active global citizenry must have opportunities to exercise its rights, choice and freedom to develop the futuristic global institutions and governance by integrating the moral and spiritual values of Man, humanity and the living Universe as the coherent rational forces of global conscience for a sustainable future.


 Being on One Planet- ONE WORLD, People of the Globe to which the Universe belongs, have never allowed any abstract institutions or governments or egomaniac leaders to act on their behalf? The message, its purpose and its spirit are clear that the mankind as ONE rational force must act to safeguard the future.


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