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A Lonely Tear

When a lonely tear is stranded in my lashes,

My heart is restless and my heartbeat mute,

Very silently, very softly, I hear your sound

An innocent moment shimmers in my eyes,

A few fragrant evenings blossom with the flowers,

Somewhere in the sparkling stars two silhouettes emerge

Youthful voices in the wind talk endlessly

A distant naive affection smolders in the eyes

Someone’s breath is labored in tears and sighs

In these wonderful memories, roaring like a thunderstorm

A cruel moment makes the innocent heart shudder

All the dreams in the eyes fall and shatter with a clank

Just a lonely tear stays stranded in my lashes

 Reply:   very nice
Replied by(saadat) Replied on (30/Apr/2012)

romantic and beautiful...tinged with the torment of a smitten heart well written dr....:) sat
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