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A story that exposes mainstream Western media's hypocracy to suppress the fact that the woman whom IMF chief had tried to rape is a practising Muslim mother.
This is a disturbing fact indeed. So brother do your part and post the story asap.
You can access the story on the following link:

Strauss Kahn rape victim is a Devout Muslim Woman!

The woman Strauss Kahn tried to rape is a 32 year old devout Muslim, who was wearing a head scarf or Hijab. The woman has a 15-year-old daughter and is from Guinea, she is widowed and received asylum in the United States 7 years ago.

Strauss Kahn, a former French minister, who had been expected to declare his candidacy for the French presidency soon tried to rape the 32 year Muslim woman. France is the same country where French Muslims are treated as second-class citizens. Under the law promoted by Nicolas Sarkozy, French President any Muslim woman wearing a face veil is now banned from all public places in France.

The fact that Strauss Kahn tried to rape a Muslim women who wore a headscarf is not just a coincidence but also his lack of respect and contempt for Muslims and Muslim women. He probably thought that the rape victim being a Muslim woman will not tell anyone and He could get away with it!

The nuance to this story is not only that France is an open society when it comes to extramarital affairs but also a closed society that treats its Muslims immigrants with contempt, and this highlights lack of respect for Muslims by the French ruling elite.

I feel pure contempt for Dominique Strauss Khan not only as woman but as a Muslim woman.

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