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Siachen Sector- Lt Col Tanveer Shaheed Dead body Found

By Zaheerul Hassan

 After colossal efforts of two months brave and courageous soldiers of Pakistan Army rescued dead the body  Lt Col Tanveer ul Hassan, Commanding Officer of Six Northern Light Infantry Battalion. Earlier too, the dead bodies of six soldiers including  Maj Zaka ul Haq  have been recovered by the troops participating in the relief and rescued operation  at Gayari sector of Siachen. The incident occurred at about an altitude of 16,000 feet that is located 180 miles northeast of Skardu, the capital of Baltistan. The rescue operation is underway, troops with sniffer dogs, aided by helicopters, are recklessly trying to find  the soldiers  in the deep snow after the avalanche engulfed the camp in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.  At present heavy machines which include Dumpers, Dozers, Excavators and Loaders are working at the search site.

According to ISPR a 450 meters long access track has been developed and improved by adding sub grade to improve traction for wheeled plant equipment on the avalanche to access the priority points. The work on both main access tracks has been carried out to increase the total length to 1.5 kilometers.

 The weather continues to be harsh and unfriendly, posing operational and administrative difficulties for both men and machines busy in the rescue operation. However, the weather hazards and colossal work at hand have not been able to flinch resolve of man busy in the rescue efforts.

COAS of Pakistan Army has already said that rescue operation will continue till the recovery of last shaheed. The army has also declared the buried soldiers as martyred. 

It is also added here that both Pakistan and India should carry out demilitarization of Siachen. India should take initiative of withdrawing   her troops, since she entered her forces into unoccupied ice covered Pakistani territory of world highest war zone. Pakistan is there to stop further advancement of Indian troops. The UN should detail some independent Commission of demarcation of the boundaries.

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