How to Add Videos to site

Step 6:
Adding Videos

currently uploading Videos is not allowed directly by users/members, but still you can add pictures to the articles after signing in.
there are two work around for adding video.
way 1-if video is on the web, for example on youtube then follow these easy steps (you need to login first then go to videos forum (you can choose other forum as well based upon video) and follow these simple steps).
1-copy the embed source code

2-click on this icon in  the compose article/voice/reply window

3-and paste embed code here

4-click this icon again in  the compose article/voice/reply window

5-save the article

way 2-send video to this email, if you want to add these video to exisiting article please mention the article name, if you want pics to be added as new article just mention new article name

I am very hopeful that this article is helpful in solving your problems regarding adding Article/Voice/Reply/Comment /Response.
Please, add your voices/articles to the site and help us in building the successful and effective think tank of Pakistan.
If you still have problems do not hesitate to write me on this email