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Foreign Influence in Pakistani Politics

By Zaheerul Hassan

Regular campaign for election 2013 has been commenced just after the nomination of Mr. Justice (Retired) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso as Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan. As per substantiated views of political analysts, flourishing of democratic system will ultimately bring stability, prosperity. Truly speaking, the democratically elected political leadership will be capable to protect national interest in changing regional political and security environment at the time of during and after exit operation of US forces from Afghanistan.

But at the same, global politics has experienced US and western intervention in internal affairs of developing and under developed countries. Many times, US supported western lobby  have supported dictatorship and played active role in rooting and uprooting of governments in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Pakistan. 

Likewise, now once again, as the election process started a tremendous increase of diplomatic maneuvers have been noticed to influence Pakistani politics by amplifying social activities and interactions. In this regard UK, US, some of Arab countries and Iranian diplomats are approaching key political figures of all parties and bureaucrats. Reportedly, these diplomats are influencing political parties in making alliances, seat adjustments, and distributions of tickets to their favourite candidates and parties.

Probably, indicated countries might have conceived that in Pakistan, democratically elected government will not be suitable in protecting their strategically military objectives and economic interests in Central and South Asia. Therefore, their social contacts and socio-political interactive sessions with the purpose of making alliances could be to create a hung parliament and weak government in Pakistan. Nevertheless, such meetings of political leaders with foreign diplomats obviously carry serious implications including  long-term repercussions to Pakistan’s interests.  

In this connection, Pakistani social media has uncovered very alarming information about interaction between political icons and foreign diplomats. The media has unearth that  officials of US consulate Lahore, Mr. Michael Gray Political Consular, Mr. Zahir Shah Durrani Political Advisor and Ms Nina Maria, Consulate General (CG) herself have carried out meetings with political leaders at CG and politicians residences, libraries and various restaurants of the city. Ms Nina, Mr. Gray and Mr. Rick have carried out detailed discussions individually over political situation. A very high profile delegation led by US Ambassador Richard Oslon and Robert Menandez Chairman Senate Committee for foreign affairs visited Lahore and twice interacted with politicians including Nawaz Shreif.

The media reports also stated that on 23 February, a delegation from British High Commission Islamabad, visited Lahore and held meeting with the leaders of PPP, PML (N), PML (Q), JI, Human Right activists and journalists. Social media furthers alleged that Rana Masood (PML (N), Fawad Ch (PPP) and Umar Sarfraz Cheema (PTI) have very close liaison with the US and UK diplomats.

 Regarding, Balochistan and Karachi political situation Western countries are planning to meet certain high officials of various major parties. US block is also supporting certain anti state elements to terrify the masses while carrying out militancy in KPK, Balochistan and Karachi. The purpose of foreign involvements is to invest future ruling elite and as obtain their ultimate objective of making dent in national unity. Notably Sardar Akhtar Mengal openly is criticizing sensitive organs of states just to gain votes of locals.

Irony of meeting of Pakistani politicians with US officials is that our leaders for the sake of coming into power starting compromise their national objective and losing their credibility. Unfortunately certain bureaucrats are also joining clandestine political operations. Reportedly, in order to hide the information on interactive meetings of foreign diplomats, political parties use office of Secretary Information to suppress the news on electronic media. Similarly US Consulate also uses its office of Press Attache’ and FSN to stop the press in highlighting the subject meetings.

Concluding, I must say that political parties instead of depending upon the foreign forces must look towards the nation for the votes. They must know that only democratically elected true leadership has the purgative of representative of the masses. Political leaders have to stop taking dictation if they desire that their country should progress and move upward. Election commission should also ensure that candidates are full filing the requirements of Articles 62 and 63. The election commission should also ask political parties to refrain from meeting with US officials.

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