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MQM: The Number 1 Terrorist Group of Pakistan

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

Today on 18th March 2009, Mutahida Qomi Movement (MQM) is celebrating its day of foundation. As usual its chief Mr. Altaf Hussain will make a telephonic address to the people in Pakistan in various cities. At this juncture we will look at the purpose, function and its support in quite unbiased and authentic way.

MQM is one of the most notorious organizations of the world with full backing of World Zionism and its agents and allies e.g. USA, UK, French, Germany, Russian Governments and Brahmins of India. Like the Global Terrorists i.e. Israelis it always presents itself as the most innocent and deprived one. MQM has created a culture of forceful tax (Bhatta) and indiscriminate as well as discriminate killings of innocent and particularly Islamic people in Pakistan. Terrorist (Tr.) Altaf Hussain visited India and spoke at length all kinds of nonsense against Pakistan. Tr. Altaf Hussain's main achievements are as follows:

  1. Creating division among Muslims of Pakistan. He and his MQM raised slogans against Sindhi, Punjabi and Pathans of Pakistan and insulted them publically
  2. MQM killed poor Rickshaw drivers, small vendors, laborers
  3. MQM killed Iqbal Ra’d (On orders of Pervaiz Musharraf) , Hakeem Saeed, Syed Slahuddin (on orders of Aga Khan), and many Quranic scholars in day light
  4. MQM created torture centers where they drilled living human beings with electric drill machines. One such example is the son of Mr. Abdur Rehman Siddiqui, councilor of Block 10, Federal B Area Karachi, and his son was abducted on 1st Ramadan by MQM activists and the dead body was found after Iftar. When the father gave bath to the dead body of his beloved son he found numerous electric drill holes all over body. I knew personally Abdur Rehman who is very humble, polite and helpful friendly person. There are numerous other murders like these have been created by MQM
  5. MQM killed political opponents and even its own party members including its General secretary Tariq Azim
  6. MQM killed potentially rival personalities including Aslam Mujahid who was considered to be the next candidate for Nazim of Karachi
  7. MQM created a wave of hatred among Muslims while Tr. Altaf had good and cordial relations with the leaders of other anti Islam and anti Pakistan political organizations. He never spoke a single word against Ta'ghoot Tr. Aga Khan and his Fidayeen terrorists. Every body condemned Israeli terrorism in Gaza but Altaf remained silent.
  8. MQM activists had been fully sponsored by CIA, KGB, Moosad and RAW. The American consulate in Karachi issued hundreds of visas to America on recommendations of MQM and hence a great number of their activists moved to USA and Canada
  9. MQM had created a culture of corruption, vulgarity, cheapness, death and destruction in Pakistan. It ridiculed Great Poet Iqbal and promoted rotten, foul smelling Jahilia culture which is strictly prohibited by the Prophet (PBUH)
  10. MQM always rigged elections, killed innocent people sitting in the polling stations, took away the ballot boxes and later declared itself winner. In the last by- elections MQM killed several people in Karachi in this fashion. Even Justice Irsahd Hussain declared those elections null and void but Musharraf sent Irshad on leave, appointed another temporary Election Commissioner (Abdul Hameed Dogar) and declared terrorists as winner and members of National Assembly. MQM fired on the people attending the funeral prayers of those killed. My own brother and his sons were among the people
  11. In the last elections MQM did not won a single seat from Karachi. It rigged the elections on guns like it did the elections of city Government. In other words MQM has no true representation from Karachi or any part of Sind. Mr. Altaf shed crocodile’s tears on Sind Affairs just day before yesterday to create a divide between various provinces of Pakistan.
  12.  Imagine that the Chief Justice of a country is prevented from entering and addressing lawyers to Bar Association by a terrorist organization. Following were the salient features of the May 12 Blood Bath:

*      Full Government machinery was utilized against common people

*      Big newspapers advertisements were given from Government funds to condemn the behavior of Chief Justice and the lawyers struggling for supremacy of Constitution, law and Justice

*      Threats were clearly issued and Chief Justice was asked to not to come to Karachi

*      Thousands of trained terrorists were brought from interior Sind and were given specific tasks e.g. manning Mazar-e-Qaid route, deploying on bridges to shoot at the passing caravans and standing at the “Water Facilities” ( At least 40 of them) with hidden rifles and other ammunition

*      Blocking the main roads with huge and heavy containers

*      Digging the roads so that traffic could be blocked

*      Using Karachi Electricity Company etc vehicles to put up MQM flags and banners

*      Using police to arrest thousands of political workers of other parties on fake charges

*      On May 12 MQM first tired to abduct Chief Justice from Karachi Airport; failing in that they attacked lawyers and supporters of Chief Justice. The attacks and other acts of terrorism included:             Shooting innocent people from the bridges. MQM workers with automatic rifles could be easily seen. They were indiscriminately firing on the caravans killing  many people and injuring others

*      Shooting people from the “Water Facilities” and other MQM camps

*      Attacking TV stations e.g. Aaj to force them to close their live coverage of MQM terrorism

*      Forcing Chief Justice to return back to Islamabad


All Pakistanis must actively participate in nation building. They must not remain silent. They should write letters to various newspapers exposing real terrorists and their crimes. They must launch cases against the terrorists and take every step to eliminate the terrorists at all levels. They mist get connected with Allah by holding the rope of Allah Ta’lah i.e. Quran-e-Majeed and by following the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). They must do every thing what Prophet (PBUH) did. On 16th March Pakistanis showed they will not tolerate the anti human activities of the Government. If Government used violence, the people will also use. It was quite possible that Musharraf and ‘Rehman’ Malik would have been crushed under feet by the public. ‘Rehman’ Malik who is a known Mossad and RAW agent and British Government refused to hand over this criminal when Pakistan Government asked for him, carried out another act of terrorism in Rawalpindi which killed over 20 people “proving’ that his warning about terrorism in Long March was true! Mr. Malik caused a damage of billions of rupees to Pakistan when he confiscated hundreds of containers leaving ships to go away without carrying the load.

Anwar Ul Haque

Anwar Ul Haque, MD

116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad 44000

Phone: 03335129849, 2293707 

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