"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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“Role of Women,Children & Prophet<savw> Companion's in Karabala”.


” Karbala is ideal for all ages"

Influence and ideaology of Karbala is spreading day by day without any discrimination  all over the globe.The main reason of this is that in Karbla movement the participations of all age groups is present like children,youth ,men  women and even aged.So for all age groups ideal personality is present and they can live a life for the betterment of humanity and islam.

Role of Aged people/Prophet<savw> Companion's

In karabala the aged group consists of famous companion of Holy Prophet(pbuh) named Habib ibne muzahir(ra) ,Zuhir ibne Qain(ra) , And it is also a tough reality that some companion of Holy Prophet<savw> were also present in the evil and wicked army of Yazeed by neglecting the Holy Prophet<savw> grandsosn. Even Holy Prophet (savw) in his life told his famous Companion Hazart Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari(r.a) that" You( Hazart Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari) will be alive till Karabla traegdy and some years after and will see seven Masoomen(a.s) out of 14masoomen(a.s) includles(Hazrat Muhammad<savw>,Hazrat Imam Ali<a.s> ,Hazrat Bibi Fatima<a.s>, Hazrat Imam Hassan<a.s> Hazrat Imam  Hussain<a.s>, Hazrat Imam Zail ul Abideen<a.s> and Hazrat Imam Muhammad e Baqir<a.s>), O Hazart Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari'; When u will meet my grandson and 5th Imam Hazrat Imam Muhammad e Baqir<a.s> then convey my Salam to him.It is narrated in history that famous Companion Hazart Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari(r.a) was the first person and companion of Prophet<savw> who visited the Karbala and did Ziyrat of Imam Hussain<a.s> shrine and on one day in  Mdina in the time of 5th Imam Hazrat Imam Muhammad e Baqir<a.s> ,Hazrat Jabi bin Abdullah Ansari<r.a> remembered the saying of Holy Prophet<savw> and conveyed Holy Prophet <savw> Salam to 7th Masoom<a.s> & 5th Imam Hazrat Imam Muhammad e Baqir<a.s)".After some times during the life of 5th Imam Hazrat Imam Muhammad e Baqir<a.s> Hazrat Jabi bin Abdullah Ansari<r.a> died in his olad age.

Similarly Holy Prophet(savw) during his Holy life "told his wife Hazrat Bibi Umme Salma(r.a)  by giving  some earth parts or clay of KARABALA to that on 10th Muharram 61 Hijri My<savw> grandson and Syed e Shuhada Hazarat Imam Hussain<a.s> will be martyred at Karabala and that day this some earth parts or clay of KARABALA will be converted to RED color, it is narrated by famous historian accepted to all sects of Islam with the refrence of Hazrat Bibi Umme Salma(r.a)  that on that day 10th Muharram 61 Hijri it converted to RED color".

With addition to this children like Auon , Muhammad ,Qaim & Asghar,Youth Like hazrat Ali Akbar and Simlarly women like hazarat bibi Umme kalsom , Bibi Zainab(s.a) & hazrat bibi Feza<r.a> the famous Khadima of Hazrat Bibi Fatima <s.a> who speaks even normal talkings from Holy Quran only.It is worth mentioning that hazrat bibi Feza was princess of Royal family of Habasha But she leave her princess ship and accepted the slavery of Ahlul-bait(a.s).After coming to the house of Ahlul-bait(a.s) by getting Knowledge and wisdom from the city & door of Knowledge hazarat Feza when she talked she talked from the Holy Quran even in daily life as well.But it is matter of shame for the dictatorship of ummayid’s regime that just after 50 years of the departure of Holy Prophet(pbuh) the Ummayid’s and their followers treated Household of Prophet/Ahlul-Bait(a.s) especially children and women in extreme cruility.When we see the terrorists doing terrorisim by attacking on children and women and doing succide blasts on public places in Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan in the name of islam Actually these terrorists have similar ideaology as khawareej & ummayid’s in history.

Role of Children in Karabala:-Hazrat Ali Asghar also known as Abdullah was the youngest child of Imam Husain(a.s). He was born only a few weeks before Imam left Madinah. His mother's name was Rubaab daughter of Imra'u'l Qais who was the chief of the tribe of Kinda.
Rubaab had two children, Sakina and Ali Asghar. She and her two children accompanied Imam to Karbala. The fact that Imam took with him a newly born baby further demonstrates that his intention was never to engage in any armed rebellion.
At Karbala Asghar was only six months old. From the seventh Muharram there was no water in Imam's camp. Asghar was in great pain because of thirst.
On Ashura day, after Ali Akber had been killed, Imam Husain was standing outside the camp. He was left all alone and he was preparing to go into the battlefield. Just then he heard a child cry. It was Ali Asghar, tormented by the pangs of hunger and thirst.
Imam walked into Bibi Rubaab's tent. He lifted the child from the cradle. "Rubaab," he said, "I will take him to Yazeed's army. Surely they can not possibly deny this little infant a few drops of water?" Rubaab changed Ali Asghar's clothes. She even tied a small turban on his head. Like any other mother she wanted her son to look at his best in front of strangers.
Imam Husain carried the child to the battle field. Walking up to Yazeed's soldiers Imam Husain said, "This child has done you no harm. He is dying of thirst. I am begging for a few drops of water for him."There was no response. Imam said, "If you are afraid that when you bring Asghar any water I will drink it, look, I will put him on the ground and you can come yourself and give him water." He put the child on the sands of Karbala and moved a couple of steps back. You can imagine how hot the desert sand was. Asghar lay there not even wincing. He turned towards the enemy and stared at them. A murmur arose among the soldiers but no one came forward to give water to the baby. Imam took Asghar in his arms and in a clear voice said, "Asghar, my son, show them how thirsty you are!" Asghar turned his head towards the soldiers. He smiled sweetly. Opened his mouth. Brought out his dry tongue and moved it over his lips. The ultimate sword had been unsheathed!
The soldiers were so moved by this that they could be heard sobbing. Still, they were very afraid of Yazeed and none dared come forward to give water to Ali Asghar.
Umar Sa'ad was worried. It seemed that Asghar was emerging victorious in this confrontation against the might of Yezid. He looked at Hurmala, a famous archer, and said, "Silence Husain!"
Then a terrible thing happened. Hurmala lifted his bow. Aimed an arrow at the child. The arrow flew across the hot desert. There was a hissing sound. Asghar smiled. He lifted his head and arched his neck!! No civilized mind can even imagine what happened next. The hissing sound stopped and Asghar lay still on his father's arms.
Imam Husain looked down at Asghar's neck, he saw the arrow, he saw the neck, he saw the smile and then he could see no more!!!
Our Imam began to feel faint. For a moment everything went dark. He could not see! There was a total silence over Karbala, broken only by the sound of the gentle waves of Furaat. Even the enemy appeared stunned.
Slowly Husain turned round and now looked at the baby in his arms.
The arrow had passed through the tender neck and lodged in Imam Husain's chest. There was no way Imam Husain could dislodge the arrow. His two arms were supporting the still child. He looked at the sky, and prayed "Ya Allah, give me courage in this most difficult moment of my life. No Prophet ever was subjected to a test as severe as this."
It is said that the Imam was so shaken up by what had happened to the infant child that all of a sudden his beard went all grey and he looked an old man. With his teeth he pulled his abaa over Asghar to shield the body from the scorching sun. Then he took a few deep breaths, and began to walk towards his camp.
As he got near he saw Rubaab standing at the entrance to her tent. He saw the anxiety, the hope, the fear and the restlessness in her eyes. Our Imam seemed to lose all strength. He could not walk forward towards Bibi Rubaab. He took seven steps back saying "INNA LILLA-HI WA INNA ILAY-HI RAJEEOON". He stopped and thought that he must take the child to his mother. He again took seven steps forwards saying "INNA LILLA-HI WA INNA ILAY-HI RAJEEOON". Once again his eyes met with those of Bibi Rubaab's. Again our Imam seemed to lose his courage and walked backwards repeating "INNA LILLA-HI WA INNA ILAY-HI RAJEEOON". Imam Husain did this seven times. Forward and backward. All the time Bibi Rubaab's eyes remained transfixed on the child. Each time Imam reciting "INNA LILLA-HI WA INNA ILAY-HI RAJEEOON"
Finally, somehow, he got the arrow dislodged. He now took the dead infant to Bibi Rubaab. He said, "Rubaab! This is a test from Allah which no mother has ever been asked to go through. Come with me" Bibi Rubaab followed. With their own hands they dug a small grave! The father and the mother together buried Ali Asghar!!

Role of Women in Karabla:-

The details of the final separation of the Holy Imam (pbuh) from the helpless ladies, children and other inmates of his camp, particularly from his sisters Zainab and Kulthoom, are very heart-rending and it is impossible for any one to describe the whole sorrowful scene in a paragraph of a brief work like this.

To Zainab and Kulthoom, his two sisters, Imam Hussain (pbuh) said: "Our camp will be plundered and set on fire. After I am slain, the series of calamities to you all would begin. Your heads will be stripped of your covering cloths-veils. Beware O my dear sisters; let not patience under any suffering be lost. The enemies will take you prisoners and parade you in the streets of Kufa and Shaam. This will be a very difficult time for you. Do not give up hope; you will have to be brave. Bear every calamity in the way of the Lord with patience and fortitude. Dear sisters, let not what I have done with so much of patience and fortitude would be undone by your impatience." Zainab (pbuh) with tears rolling down her cheeks promised her brother that she would not let him down. "Convey my salaams to my people, and tell them to remember our thirst whenever they drink water."

After that, Holy Imam (pbuh) told her sister Zainab to bring him an old garment. Because, the enemy is an unmanly one. After killing me, they will take my clothes as spoils. I want to wear an old garment under my clothes so my body will not be bare after I'm martyred.

Then, Imam Hussain (pbuh) turned to sister Zainab and said "I am leaving the widows and orphans in your care. My dear sister please look after my Sakina especially, she has never been separated from me even for a day. Please dear sister when you get water give it to her first, she hasn't asked for water since her uncle Abbas died."

At this Sakina came forward and said, "Oh father. When 'Muslim son of Aqeel' was martyred, you hugged his orphan girl and patted her head. If you go and I become an orphan who is going to pat my head?" Imam's eyes filled with tears. While fighting back his tears, he slowly whispered, "Sakina, my daughter, please do not cry, because after I go you will shed many tears. While I am here still alive, do not set my heart ablaze with your tears." He picked up Sakina, and kissed her cheeks, knowing that these same cheeks were going to be slapped by the cruel hands of Yazid's men.

The Holy Imam (pbuh) at last came into the field bidding goodbye to all (including advanced age nurse, Fizza), not to return again to his camp, but  to drink the cup of martyrdom to fulfill the covenant with the Lord to save and secure the Truth for all times until the Day of Judgment.


The last call of the Holy Imam in the way of the Lord:Lest later any one in the surroundings should say that he was neither called nor given any opportunity to serve the cause of defending the Truth by helping the Holy Imam who was fighting for it, Imam Hussain (pbuh) now standing all alone, with the enemy forces all around him, bleeding from innumerable wounds from head to toe, having lost one and all of his Godly comrades (sons, brothers, nephews and companions), gave his last call to humanity around him, inviting them to join him in the way of the Lord, saying: "Hal Min Nasirin Yansorona (Is there any helper to help us)?"

"Hal Min Zabbin Yazubbo An Harame Rasoolullah (Is there any defender to repulse the enemy from approaching the tents of the family of the Holy Prophet)?"

When there was no response from any one of the thousands standing around him, he then said aloud:

"Alam Tasma'o? Alaisa Fikum Muslimu (Do you hear me not? Is there not even a single Muslim among you)?" Yet there was no response.

When Imam Hussain (pbuh) gave his final call to the world around him inviting the people in the way of the Lord, Imam Hussain's son 'Ali Zainul Abideen' who was confined to bed with high fever, and who had just a little before received the charge of the Imamate from his father, got up and leaning on a staff, dragged himself out of his tent with his feeble sickly voice, walking towards the Holy Imam saying:

"Labbaik, Ya Abata, Labbaik (Yes, Here I am O Father dear! Here I am)!"

Imam Hussain (pbuh) seeing his ailing son Ali coming out tottering in the high fever bade him saying: "Get back O son! My progeny is to spring from you."

It is reported that in response to the call from the Holy Imam, some mysterious voices of 'Labbaik! Labbaik!' (Yes we are here O son of the Holy Prophet) were heard from the spiritual world above, to which the Holy Imam replied 'Thanks to you all, but my concern here today is only with the living in the physical world.'

Imam Hussain in the Battlefield to offer the greatest sacrifice:

Imam Hussain (a.s) went to the battlefield wearing the Prophet's robe and turban. Imam Hussain (a.s ) first preached to his enemies, the love of God, the obedience to the Holy Prophet (a.s ) and abstinence from vice and wickedness, and at last asked the people:

"Why do you kill me?", "Did I commit any sin or crime?", "Did I plunder anybody?", "Did I interfere with any one's affairs?"

All stood dumb and none answered. Then the Holy Imam (a.s) continued: "Then why do you kill me? What answer have you to give to God, and to the Holy Prophet(pbuh) on the Day of Judgment?"

When no answer from the enemy forces, the Holy Imam said:

"You have martyred all my companions, my children, my brothers and even my little baby; now I tell you to leave me, I will migrate to Yemen, to Iran or even to the far off Hind (Subcontinent ), stain not your hands with my blood, which is the blood of the Holy Prophet (a.s) himself, and you will not have salvation. It is for you; I tell you, shed not my blood and save yourselves."

This last offer of the Holy Imam (a.s) was superb and matchless and yet the enemies did not avail of it. It was in fact the fulfillment of the 'Hujjat' or the argument to give the last chance to the greedy devils to save themselves from the wrath of God.

'Umar son of Saad' shouted to his men "Do not be fooled by Imam Hussain's words, attack him now!" Arrows were showered on Imam Hussain (a.s). He charged into the battlefield like a lion, saying "If you are determined to fight me then I am ready; watch how the Grandson of the Prophet fights; see how the son of Ali and Fatima fights. Even after three days of hunger and thirst, I am not afraid to die. For me death is better than surrender."

When the enemy saw Imam Hussain (a.s) charging towards them, they thought for a moment that Imam Ali (a.s) had come down from the heavens to take revenge on them. Many of them ran away. When 'Umar son of Saad' saw the fear on their faces, he sent his bravest soldiers to fight Imam Hussain (a.s ). There was not a single member in Yazid's army who could stand in front of Imam Hussain (a.s). The enemy troops surrounded him from all sides, but he defeated them all. 'Umar son of Saad' stood back and watched, amazed at how Imam Hussain (a.s ) who had suffered so much, was fighting so bravely.

Imam Hussain (a.s) had chosen a point for his combat which was nearer the tents of the womenfolk. That was for two reasons. Firstly, he knew the unmanly and inhuman character of the enemies. They lacked even the sense of honor to spare the tents of their attacks as it was he whom they were fighting. Therefore he wanted to restrain them from attacking his camp so long as he was alive and had the strength to stop them. He would make a frontal attack and they would flee. But he would not pursue them but return to guard the tents of his womenfolk from any assault. Secondly, so long as he was alive he wanted the members of his family to know that he was alive. Accordingly, he had chosen a point from where his voice could be heard by them. Whenever he returned after making an attack he would stand at that point and cry out: There is no power or strength to save that which derives from God, the Exalted and the Almighty.

His cries would reassure the women who knew that the Imam (a.s) was still alive. The Imam (a.s) had told  them not to come out of the tents as long as He(a.s) was alive. He had told them that they must not make any untoward utterance which might reduce their reward with God. He had told them that they would find deliverance and that their ultimate end would be a good one, that God will punish their enemies. Imam Hussain(a.s) son of Imam Ali's sense of manly honor and  their own sense of feminine honor did not permit  them to come out. Accordingly, when they heard the  Imam(a.s) utter 'La Hawl Wala Quwatta Illa Billahil Aliyyil Azim', they felt reassured. And as the Imam(a.s)  had come  back to them once or twice after bidding them farewell, they still expected the Imam to return.

Lesson for all of  us:-

The active  role of all age groups especiallyaged women and children  in true path of karbala gives lesson that  karbala is even Ideal and valid today in 21st century changing world scenario  that all even women and children should raise their voic against oppression and even  practically struggele Because according to saying of Imam Hussain(a.s) that “To remain silent on oppression(evils/cruility/terrorisim) is equal to be a part of oppression”.(The end)

Written Compiled &  Contributed By:- S  H  BANGASH 
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  ˜ÑÈáÇ ãퟠ ÈæŸ æ ÎæÇÊیä  ˜Ç ˜ÑÏÇÑ


ãÚјÀ ÍÞ æ ÈÇØá ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜ی Çی˜ ÇÀã ÇÀãیÊ یÀ Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ æÇÞÚÿ ãیŸ ȍ柡ÎæÇÊیä æ ÈÒÑæŸ ÍÊی ˜À ÇÓ æÞÊ Ê˜ ÐäÏÀ ÑÀäÿ æÇáÿ  ÈÚÖ ÇÕÍÇÈ ÑÓæá Õ ÌیÓÿ ÈÒѐ ÕÍÇÈی ÍÖÑÊ ÍÈیÈ ÇÈä ãÙÇÀÑÑÖی ÇááÀ Ê˜ äÿ ÔÑ˜Ê ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÍÞ æ ÍÓیäÊ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÞÑÈÇäیÇŸ Ïی۔ یÀ ÈÇÊ ÍÏیË æ ÊÇÑیÎ ˜ی ãÊÝÞÀ ˜ÊÈ ãیŸ ãáÊی Àÿ ۔˜À ÍÖÑÊ ãÍãÏ Õ äÿ ǁäی Ðäϐی Àی ãیŸ æÇÞÚÀ ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜ÿ یÔ Àæäÿ ÇæÑ Èäی ÇãیÀ æ ãáæ˜یÊ ˜ÿ ˜ŠیŠÑ یÐیÏ áÚیä ˜ی ØÑÝ Óÿ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ی ÔÀÇÏÊ ˜Ç ÇÔÇÑÀ ˜یÇ ÊªÇ۔ÍÖæÑ Õ äÿ ǁäی ÒæÌÀ ÍÖÑÊ Èی Èی ÇãÀ ÓáãÀ ÑÖی ÇááÀ ˜æ Îǘ ˜ÑÈáÇ Ïÿ ˜Ñ ÝÑãÇیÇ ÊªÇ ˜À ÏÓ ãÍÑã Óä ǘӊª ÀÌÑی ˜ÿ Ïä یÀ Îǘ ÓÑÎ Ñä ãیŸ ÊÈÏیá Àæی ÇæÑ یÀ ÇÓ ÈÇÊ ˜Ç ÇÔÇÑÀ Àÿ ˜À ˜ÑÈáÇ ãیŸ ãیÑÇ äæÇÓÀ ÓیÏ ÇáÔÀÏÇ  ÍÖÑÊ  ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ Êیä Ïä ˜Ç Èªæ˜À æ یÇÓÇ ÔÀیÏ ˜یÇ ÌÇÆیÇ۔ ÊÇÑیÎ ˜ی ˜ÊÈ ãیŸ ÒæÌÀ ÍÖÑÊ Èی Èی ÇãÀ ÓáãÀ ÑÖی ÇááÀ  ˜ÿ ÍæÇáÿ Óÿ ÏÑÌ Àÿ ˜À ÚÇÔæÑÇ ÏÓ ãÍÑã Óä ǘӊª ÀÌÑی ˜æ æÀ ãŠی ÓÑÎ Ñä Îæä ãیŸ ÊÈÏیá ÀæÆی ʪی۔۔ÇÓی ØÑÍ ÍÖæÑ Õ äÿ ǁäÿ Çی˜ ãÔÀæÑ ÕÍÇÈی ÍÖÑÊ ÌÇÈÑ Èä ÚÈÏÇááÀ ÇäÕÇÑی ÑÖی ÇááÀ Óÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ÊªÇ ˜À Çÿ ÌÇÈÑ Èä ÚÈÏÇááÀ ÇäÕÇÑی ÑÖی ÇááÀ Êã ãیÑÿ äæÇÓÿ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ÿ ÏæÑ Ê˜ ÐäÏÀ ÑÀæ ÿ ÇæÑ  ÔÀÇÏÊ ÍÓیä ؑ  æ ÔÀÏÇÆÿ ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ˜ÑÈáÇ ãیŸ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ی ÒیÇÑÊ Óÿ ÝیÖ یÇÈ Àæ ÿ¡(ÊÇÑیÎ ˜ÿ ˜ÊÈ ˜ÿ ãØÇÈÞ ÔÀÇÏÊ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ æ æÇÞÚÀ ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÍÖÑÊ ÌÇÈÑ Èä ÚÈÏÇááÀ ÇäÕÇÑی ÑÖی ÇááÀ äÿ Àáی ÏÝÚÀ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ی ÒیÇÑÇÊ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÒیÇÑÊ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ی ÓäÊ ˜Ç ÇÍیÇ ˜یÇ) äÀ ÕÑÝ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ  ˜ی ÒیÇÑÊ Èá˜À Êã ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ÿ äæÇÓÿ ÇæÑ ãیÑÿ ÇäæیŸ ÌÇäÔیä ÇãÇã ãÍãÏ ÈÇÞÑ ÇÈä ÇãÇã Òیä ÇáÚÇÈÏیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÒãÇäÿ ʘ ÐäÏÀ ÑÀæ ÿ ÇæÑ Çä Óÿ ãáÇÞÇÊ Àæی ÇäÀیŸ ãیÑÇ یÚäی ÍÖæÑÕ ˜Ç ÓáÇ㠁ÀäÇäÇ۔ ÊÇÑیÎ ˜ی ˜ÊÈ ãیŸ ÏÑÌ Àÿ ˜À Çی˜ Ïä ãÏیäÀ  ˜ÿ ãÍáÀ Èäی ÀÇÔã ÇÀáÈیÊ ÇØÀÇÑ ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã  ˜ÿ ÞÑیÈ ÍÖÑÊ  ÌÇÈÑ Èä ÚÈÏÇááÀ ÇäÕÇÑی ÑÖی ÇááÀ ǁäی Ðäϐی ˜ÿ ÂÎÑی ÇیÇã  ÌÇ ÑÀÿ ʪÿ ˜À ÇäÀیŸ ÍÖæÑ Õ ˜Ç ÝÑãÇä یÇÏ ÂیÇ۔ ÍÖÑÊ ÌÇÈÑ äÿ ÞÑیÈ Àی ˜ªšÿ ÈæŸ Óÿ æªÇ ˜À Êã ãیŸ ÓÿãÍãÏ ÈÇÞÑ ÇÈä ÇãÇã Òیä ÇáÚÇÈÏیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã  ˜æä Àÿ۔ ÇÓ Ñ ãÍãÏ ÈÇÞÑ ÇÈä ÇãÇã Òیä ÇáÚÇÈÏیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã Ìæ ÇÓ æÞʠȍä ˜ÿ ÇیÇã ãیŸ ʪÿ ¡ äÿ Â˜Ñ áÈی˜ æ ÓáÇã ˜ÀÇ ÍÖÑÊ ÌÇÈÑ Èä ÚÈÏÇááÀ ÇäÕÇÑی ÑÖی ÇááÀ äÿ ÇãÇã ãÍãÏ ÈÇÞÑ ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜Ç Ñæ Ñæ ˜Ñ ÈæÓÀ áÿ ˜Ñ ÝÑãÇä ÑÓæá Õ ÏÀÑÇیÇ۔ ÇÓ æÇÞÚÿ  ˜ÿ äÏ Ïä ÈÚÏ Àی ÍÖÑÊ ÌÇÈÑ Èä ÚÈÏÇááÀ ÇäÕÇÑی ÑÖی ÇááÀ ˜Ç ÇäÊÞÇá ÀæÇ۔ ÊÇÀã ÊÇÑیÎ ˜ی یÀ Ȫی Çی˜ ÊáÎ ÍÞیÞÊ Àÿ ˜À ÑÓæá ÇááÀ Õ  ˜ÿ æÕÇá ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ ÍÊی ˜À یÐیÏ áÚیä ˜ÿ ÏæÑ Êª ÈÚÖ ÕÍÇÈÀ æ ÊÇÈÚیä äÿ äÀ ÕÑÝ ãÍãÏ æ Âá ãÍãÏ ÇÀá ÈیÊ ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÇÊÈÇÚ Óÿ Çä˜ÇÑ ˜یÇ Èá˜À ãÍãÏ æ Âá ãÍãÏ Õ ÇÀáÈیÊؑ ˜æ ÇÊäÿ ãÕÇÆÈ æ ãÙÇáã ˜Ç Ô˜ÇÑ ˜یÇ ˜À ÌÓ ˜ی äÙیÑ äÀیŸ ãáÊی۔ÍÇáÇä˜À ÍÏیË  ÑÓæá Õ ÌÓÿ ÍÏیË ËÞáیä Ȫی ˜ÀÇ ÌÇÊÇ Àÿ Ìæ ÕÍیÍ ãÓáã ÓãیÊ ÕÍÇÆÿ ÓÊÀ ˜ی ǘËÑ ˜ÊÈ ãیŸ Çä ÇáÝÇÙ ˜ی ÕæÑÊ ãیŸ ãæÌæÏ Àÿ ˜À¡ ãیŸ(ÑÓæá Õ) ÊãÀÇÑÿ ÏÑãیÇä Ïæ ÑÇä ÞÏÑ یÒیŸ ˜ÊÇÈ ÇááÀ ÇæÑ Çäی ÚÊÑÊ ÇÀá ÈیÊ ÚáیÀ ÓáÇ㠍ªæš ˜ÿ ÌÇ ÑÀÇ ÀæŸ ÇÑ ãیÑÿ ÈÚÏ Êã äÿ Çä ˜ی ÇØÇÚÊ æ  ÇÊÈÇÚ ˜یÇ Êæ Êã ÀÑÒ ãÑÇÀ äÀیŸ ÀæŸ ÿ یÀÇŸ ʘ ˜À یÀ ÏæäæŸ ÍæÖ ˜æËÑ Ñ ÑæÒ ÞیÇãÊ ãیÑÿ ÓÇʪ ãá ÌÇÆیŸ ÿÜ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ یÀ ãÔÀæÑ ÍÏیË یÀ ãیÑÿ Ïæ ÈیŠÿ ÍÓä æ ÍÓیä ¡ÍÓäیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ÇãÇã ÀیŸ ÇÀÿ ÕáÍ ˜ÑیŸ یÇ Ìä ÇæÑ Çä ˜ÿ æÇáÏ æ ãیÑÿ ȪÇÆی ÍÖÑÊ ÇãÇã Úáی ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã Çä ÏæäæŸ Óÿ ÇÝÖá ÀیŸ۔  ÍÖæÑ Õ äÿ Êæ یÀÇŸ ʘ ÍÞ æ ÈÇØá ˜æ æÇÖÍ ˜یÇ ÊªÇ ˜À ãیÑÿ ÕÍÇÈی ÍÖÑÊ ÚãÇÑ Èä یÇÓÑ ÑÖی ÇááÀ ÚäÀ ÈÇÛی ÑæÀ ˜ÿ ÀÇ滾٠ÞÊá Àæ  ÌÇÆیŸ ÿ۔ ÇæÑ ÍÖÑÊ ÚãÇÑ Èä یÇÓÑ ÑÖی ÇááÀ ÚäÀ ˜æ Èäی ÇãیÀ ˜ÿ ÏÀÔÊ ÑÏ Šæáÿ äÿÍÖÑÊ Úáی ˜ÿ ÏæÑ  ÎáÇÝÊ ãیŸ ÇÓ ÌÑã Ñ Èÿ ÏÑÏی Óÿ ÔÀیÏ ˜ÑÏیÇ ˜À ÍÖÑÊ ÚãÇÑ Èä یÇÓÑ ÑÖی ÇááÀ ÚäÀ Èäی ÇãیÀ ˜ی ØÑÝ Óÿ ˜ªáã ˜ªáÇ ÇãیÑÇáãæãäیä æ ÎáیÝÊÀ ÇáãÓáãیä ÍÖÑÊ Úáی ˜ی ÔÇä ãیŸ ˜Æی ÀÒÇÑ ãäÈÑæŸ Óÿ äãÇÒ ÌãÚÀ ˜ÿ ÎØÈÇÊ ãیŸ áÚä ØÚä ˜ÿ ÎáÇÝ ÇÍÊÌÇÌ ˜ÑÊÿ ʪÿ ÇæÑ Èäی ÇãیÀ ˜ÿãÓáØ ˜ÑÏÀ ÌäæŸ ÇãیÑÇáãæãäیä æ  ÎáیÝÊÀ ÇáãÓáãیä ÍÖÑÊ Úáی  ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜Ç ÓÇʪ ÏیÊÿ ʪÿ۔۔۔ÇÊäÿ æÇÖÍ ÍÏیË ÑÓæá Õ ˜ÿ ÈÇæÌæÏ Èäی ÇãیÀ ˜ÿ ˜ŠیŠÑ یÐیÏ áÚیä ˜ÿ ÏæÑ Ê˜ ÈÚÖ ÊÇÈÚیä äÿ ÇÀá ÈیÊ ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã æ ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜Ç ÓÇʪ Ïیäÿ ˜ی ÈÌÇÆÿ ÇÓáÇã æ ÓäÊ ÑÓæá Õ ˜æ ÇãÇá ˜Ñäÿ æÇáÿ یÐیÏ áÚیä ˜Ç ÓÇʪ ÏیÇ  ÍÊی ˜À یÐیÏ ãáÚæŸ äÿ Êæ ÍÏ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ãäÈÑ ÑÓá Õ ˜ی ÊÞÏÓ ˜æ ÇãÇá ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÈäÏÑ æ ˜ÊæŸ Ê˜ ãäÈÑ ÑÓæá Õ Ñ ÔÑÇÈ ˜ÿ äÔÿ ãیŸ ÏªÊ Àæ ˜Ñ یÀÇŸ ʘ äǁǘ ÌÓÇÑÊ ˜ی ˜À äÀ ˜æÆی æÍی ÂÆی Àÿ ÇæÑ äÀ یÛÇã Èá˜À یÀ Èäی ÀÇÔã æ ãÍãÏ æ Âá ãÍãÏ Õ äÿ Í˜æãÊ ÍÇÕá ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÑÇãÀ эÇیÇ Àÿ۔۔۔۔äÞá ˜ÝÑ ˜ÝÑ äÀ ÈÇÔÏ äÚæÒ ÈÇááÀ یÀ ʪǠÎáÇÝÊ ˜æ ãáæ˜یÊ ãیŸ ÈÏáäÿ æÇáÿ یÐیÏ áÚیä æ Èäی ÇãیÀ ˜ی ÇÓáÇã ÏÔãäی۔۔۔یÀی æÌÀ Àÿ ˜À ÓیÏ ÇáÔÀÏÇ äÿ ÞیÇã ˜Ç ÝیÕáÀ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÇãÊ ˜æ یÐیÏ æ Èäی ÇãیÀ ˜ÿ ÎáÇÝ ãیÏÇä Úãá ãیŸ Âäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ÊªÇ۔˜À ÌÈ یÐیÏ ÌیÓÇ ÔÎÕ ÇãÊ ãÓáãÀ ˜Ç ÎáیÝÀ Àæ Êæ ÇÓáÇã Ñ ÝÇÊÍÀ šªäÇ ÇÀیÿ۔۔ÇæÑ ãیÏÇä ˜ÑÈáÇ ãیŸ یÐیÏی ÝæÌ ˜ÿ ÊیÓ ÀÒÇÑ ÇÝÑÇÏ Ìä ãیŸ ÈÚÖ ÇÕªÇÈ æ ÊÇÈÚیä ʘ ÔÇãá ʪÿ¡ Ñ Çی˜ ÈÇÑ ªÑ ÇÊãÇã ÍÌÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À  Çÿ Âá ÇÈæ ÓÝیÇä ˜ÿ یÑæ˜ÇÑæ äÀ ÊãÇÑÿ ÇÓ Ïیä Àÿ ÇæÑ äÀ Êã ÂÎÑÊ Ñ ÇیãÇä јªÊÿ Àæ ˜ã ÇÒ˜ã ÏäیÇ ãیŸ Êæ ÔÑیÝ Èäæ۔۔۔۔ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜Ç ˜ÑÈáÇ ãیŸ یÀ ÝÑãÇä ÊÇÞیÇãÊ ãیäÇÑÀ äæÑ Àÿ ˜À Ìæ Ȫی ãÍãÏ æ Âá ãÍãÏ Õ ÇæÑ ÍÓیäؑ ˜ÿ ãÞÇÈáÿ ãیŸ یÐیÏ áÚیä ˜Ç ÓÇʪ Ïÿ Ç یÇ یÑæی ˜Ñÿ Ç ÇÓ ˜Ç ÇÓáÇã Óÿ ˜æÆی ÊÚáÞ äÀیŸ۔  

ÇæÑ یÀ ÊÇÑیÎی ÍÞیÞÊ ÂÌ Èªی æÑی ÏäیÇ æ ÚÇáã ÇÓáÇã ˜ÿ áÆÿ Çی˜ áãªÆÀ ݘÑیÀ Àÿ۔˜À ÇÑ ÍÞ æ ÝÑÇãیä ÑÓæá Õ ˜æ ÝÑÇãæÔ ˜یÇ ÌÇÆÿ Êæ ÇÓ ˜ÿ äÊÇÆÌ ÈªییÇä˜ Àæ Ó˜Êÿ ÀیŸ۔

˜ÑÈáÇ ãퟠ ȍ柠 ˜Ç ˜ÑÏÇÑ

ÌÈ ˜À ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜ÿ ãیÏÇä Ìä ãیŸ ª ãÇÀ ˜ÿ ÔیÑ ÎæÇÑ Úáی ÇÕÛÑ ÓãیÊ ÇیÓÿ ÏÑÌäæŸ ÈæŸ äÿ ÍÞ æ ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã Ñ ÌÇä 䍪ÇæÑ ˜ÑÏی یÇ ªÑ æÇÞÚÀ ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ یÐیÏی ÝæÌ ˜ی ØÑÝ Óÿ ãÎÏÇÑÇÊ ÚÕãÊ æ ØÀÇÑÊ ÓãیÊ ÞیÏ æ ÈäÏ ÇæÑ ÔÇã æ ˜æÝÀ ˜ÿ ÐäÏÇäæŸ ãیŸ ãÕÇÆÈ æ ÂáÇ㠘ǠÇÓ ØÑÍ Óÿ ãÞÇÈáÀ ˜یÇ ˜À ˜ÑÈáÇ Óÿ ÔÇã æ ˜æÝÀ ˜ÿ ÐäÏÇäæŸ Ê˜ ÈÛیÑ ˜ÌÇæÀ ˜ÿ ÇæäŠæŸ Ñ áÿ ÌÇÊÿ ÀæÆÿ یÇ ãÙÇáã Óÿ ÔÀیÏ ÀæÊÿ Æÿ¡áی˜ä یÐیÏیÊ ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ ÓÑ ÊÓáیã Îã ˜Ñäÿ Óÿ Çä˜Ç ˜ÑÊÿ Æÿ۔

  ãیÏÇä ˜ÑÈáÇ ÇæÑ ˜ÑÈáÇ Óÿ ÔÇã æ ˜æÝÀ ˜ÿ ÒäÏÇäæŸ Ê˜ áÿ ÌÇÊÿ ÀæÆÿیÐیÏی ÝæÌ ˜ی ãØÇáã Óÿ ÔÀیÏ Àæäÿ æÇáæŸ ãیŸ ˜Æی ÈæŸ ãیŸ Óÿª ãÇÀ ˜ÿ ÔیÑ ÎæÇÑ Úáی ÇÕÛÑ ÓãیÊ ÔÑی˜ÊÀ ÇáÍÓیäؑ ÍÖÑÊ Èی Èی ÒیäÈ ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ÿ Ïæ ÈیŠÿ Úæä æ ãÍãÏ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÍÖÑÊ ÌÚÝÑ ØیÇјÿ  äæÇÓÿ ÇæÑ ÓÝیÑ ÍÓیäؑ ÍÖÑÊ ãÓáã Èä ÚÞیá ˜ÿ Ïæ ˜ãÓä ÝÑÒäÏÇä ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ äæÇÓÀ ÑÓæá Õ ÇãÇã ÍÓä ÇÈä Úáی ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÊیÑÀ ÓÇáÀ ˜ãÓä ÝÑÒäÏ ÞÇÓã ÇÈä ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ی áÇÒÇæá ÞÑÈÇäی ÔÇãá Àÿ¡ÇÓی ØÑÍ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ی ÇÑ ÓÇáÀ ÈیŠی Èی Èی Ó˜یäÀ ÈäÊ ÍÓیäؑ ˜Ç یÐیÏی ÝæÌ 

   ˜ÿ ãÙÇáã ÈÑÏÇÔÊ ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÐäÏÇä ÔÇã ÏãÔÞ ãیŸ ÔÀÇÏÊ ÈæŸ ˜ی ÞÑÈÇäیæŸ ˜Ç ÏÑÎÔÇä ÈÇÈ Àÿ۔    

   ãیÏÇä ˜ÑÈáÇ ãퟠ ȍ柠 ˜Ç ˜ÑÏÇÑ æÇÖÍ ÊÑ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ áÆÿÊیÑÀ ÓÇáÀ ˜ãÓä ÝÑÒäÏ ÞÇÓã ÇÈä ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜Ç یÀ æÇÞÚÀ Àی ˜ÇÝی Àÿ ˜À ÌÈ ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã äÿ ÊیÑÀ ÓÇáÀ ˜ãÓä ÝÑÒäÏ ÞÇÓã ÇÈä ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã Óÿ æªÇ ˜À ãیÑÿ ÈÊی̪ÿ ÊیÑÀ ÓÇáÀ ˜ãÓä ÝÑÒäÏ ÞÇÓã ÇÈä ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã Êã ÍÞ ˜ی ÑÇÀ ãیŸ ãæÊ ˜æ ˜یÓÿ ÇÊÿ Àæ Êæ ÊیÑÀ ÓÇáÀ ˜ãÓä ÝÑÒäÏ ÞÇÓã ÇÈä ÍÓä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã äÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ãیŸ ãæÊ ˜æ ÔÀÏ Óÿ ÐیÇÏÀ ÔیÑیä ÇÊÇ ÀæŸ۔ ÇÓی ØÑÍ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ÿ ÇŠªÇÑÀ ÓÇáÀ ˜šیá ÌæÇä äÿ ÇÓی ØÑÍ ˜ÿ ÓæÇá ˜Ç ÌæÇÈ ÏیÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÝÑãÇیÇ ˜À ÌÈ Àã ÍÞ Ñ Àÿ Êæ ÇÓ ˜ی ÑæÇÀ äÀیŸ ˜À ãæÊ Àã Ñ šÿ یÇ Àã ãæÊ Ñ۔۔یÀ ªÑÇäÀ ÑÓæá Õ Âá ãÍãÏ Õ ˜ی ÊÑÈیÊ Àی ˜Ç ÇËÑ ÊªÇ ÇæÑ ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ÝÑãÇÊÿ ʪÿ ˜À ãیŸ ÙÇáãæŸ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÑÀäÿ ÇæÑ Çä ˜ی ÈÇÏÔÇÀÊ یÇ ˜ŠیŠÑ ԁ ãÇääÿ ˜ی ÈÌÇÆÿ ãæÊ ÔÀÇÏÊ ˜æ ÊÑÌیÍ ÏیÊÇ ÀæŸ۔˜یæä˜À ÐáÊ Àã ÇÀáÈیÊ ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã Óÿ ÏæÑ Àÿ۔


ÚÒÊ ˜ی ãæÊ ÈÀÊÑ Àÿ ÒáÊ ˜ی Ðäϐی Óÿ

یÀ ÓÈÞ ÀãیŸ ãáÇ Àÿ ÍÓیä ÇÈä Úáی Óÿ


˜ÑÈáÇ ãퟠ ÎæÇÊیä  ˜Ç ˜ÑÏÇÑ

ȍæä æ ÌæÇäæŸ ˜ی ØÑÍ ˜ÑÈáÇ ãیŸ ÎæÇÊیä ˜Ç Èªی ˜ÑÏÇÑ ÑÀÇ Àÿáی˜ä ÓÈ Óÿ ÇÀã ˜ÑÏÇÑ ÎæÇÊیä Àی ˜Ç Àÿ ˜یæä˜À ÍÓیäؑ æ ÇÕÍÇÈ ÍÓیäؑ ˜æ ÔÀیÏ ˜Ñäÿ ˜ÿ ÈÚÏ یÐیÏ áÚیä æ Èäی ÇãیÀ äÿ ǁäÿ ÇÌÏÇÏ ˜ÿ ÑÇÓÊÿ Ñ áÊÿ ÀæÆÿ ÇÊäÇ ãäÝی ÑæیäÀ ˜Ñ јªÇ 滂 ˜À äÚæÒ ÈÇááÀ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ÈÇÛی ʪÿ ÇæÑ ÎáیÝÀ æÞÊ یÐیÏ ãáÚæä ˜ÿ ÎáÇÝ ÈÛÇæÊ ˜ی ʪی۔۔áی˜ä یÀ ÇãÇã ÍÓیäؑ ˜ی ÔیÑÏá ÈÀÀä ÓیÏÀ ÒیäÈ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ ÌÓÿ ÔÑی˜ÊÀ ÇáÍÓیäؑ Ȫی ˜ÀÇ  ÌÇÊÇ Àÿ ˜Ç ÈÍËیÊ ÓÇáÇÑ ÞÇÝáÀ ÇÓیÑÇä ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜ÑÏÇÑ Àی 滂 ۔˜À ÔÑی˜ÊÀ ÇáÍÓیäؑ ÓیÏÀ ÒیäÈ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ  äÿ ÏیÑãÎÏÇÑÇÊ ÚÕãÊ æ ØÀÇÑÊ ÎæÇÊیä æ ÈæŸ ÓãیÊ ˜ÑÈáÇ Óÿ ˜æÝÀ æ ÔÇã ˜ÿ ÈÇÒÇÑæŸ æ ÒäÏÇäæŸ ãیŸ Úáی ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ÿ áÀÌÿ ãیŸ ÎØÈÿ ÓäÇ˜Ñ ÇæÑ ÈÇÒÇÑæŸ ãیŸ ãÇÊã ÍÓیäؑ ÈÑÇ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÌáæÓ ÚÒÇÏÇÑی ÇæÑ ÙÇáãæŸ ˜ÿ ÎáÇÝ ÇÍÊÌÇÌ ˜ی ÈäیÇÏ Çá ˜Ñ یÐیÏ ãáÚæŸ ÇæÑ Èäی ÇãیÀ ˜ÿ ãäÝی Ñæیäÿ ˜æ Îǘ ãیŸ ãáÇ ÏیÇ۔ÇÓ ÓáÓáÿ ãیŸ ÏÑÈÇÑ ÇÈä ÐیÇÏ æ یÐیÏ áÚیä ÏãÔÞ ãیŸ  ÔÑی˜ÊÀ ÇáÍÓیäؑ ÓیÏÀ ÒیäÈ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ  ˜ÿ ÎØÈæŸ äÿ یÐیÏیÊ ˜æ ÊÇÞیÇãÊ ÑÓæÇ æ Èÿ äÞÇÈ  ˜Ñ˜ÿ áÚäÊ ˜Ç ÍÞÏÇÑ ŠÀÑÇیÇ۔۔یÀی æÌÀ Àÿ ˜À Í˜یã ÇáÇãÊ ÚáÇãÀ ÇÞÈÇáؒ Ìæ ÈÀÊÑیä ˜ÑÈáÇ ÔäÇÓ Êªÿ æÀ ÊÍÑی˜  ˜ÑÈáÇ ˜æ Ïæ ÇÈæÇÈ ãیŸ ÊÞÓی㠘јÿ یÐیÏیÊ ˜ی äÇÈæÏی ÇæÑ ÍÓیäÊ ˜ی ÝÊÍ ˜Ç ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã æ  ÔÑی˜ÊÀ ÇáÍÓیäؑ ÓیÏÀ ÒیäÈ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ  Óÿ ãäÓæÈ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÝÑãÇÊÿ ÀیŸ ˜À 


ی˜ ÍÓیä ÑÞã ˜ÑÏ æ ÏیÑ ÒیäÈ

ÚáÇãÀ ÇÞÈÇáؒ ˜ÿ ÇÓ ÔÚÑ ˜Ç ÊÑÌãÀ æ ÊÝÓیÑ ÇÑ ˜ÑäÇ ÇÀÿ Êæ ãÚÑæÝ ÏÇäÔæÑ Úáی ÔÑیÚÊی ˜ی ÒÈÇä ãیŸ ÇÓ ØÑÍ ˜یÇ ÌÇ Ó˜ÊÇ Àÿ۔۔˜À Ìæ ÔÀیÏ Àæ ˜ÿ ÇäÀæŸ äÿ ÍÓیäی ˜Çã ÇäÌÇã ÏیÇ Ìæ ÐäÏÀ Àÿ ÇäÀیŸ ÒیäÈی ˜Çã ÇäÌÇã ÏیäÇ ÇÀیÿ¡Ìæ äÀ ÍÓیäی ˜Çã ÇäÌÇã Ïÿ ÇæÑ äÀ Àی ÒیäÈی ˜Çã æÀ یÐیÏی ÀیŸ۔

یÀÇŸ ÔÇã æ ˜æÝÀ ˜ÿ ÈÇÒÇÑæŸ ãیŸ Èی Èی ÒیäÈ Ó ˜ÿ ÎØÈÇÊ Óÿ äÏ ÇÞÊÈÇÓÇÊ ÏÆیÿ ÌÇ ÑÀÿ ÀیŸ ¡ÌÓ Óÿ ãیÏÇä ˜ÑÈáÇ ãیŸ ÎæÇÊیä ˜Ç ˜ÑÏÇÑ æÇÖÍ ÊÑ Àæ ÌÇÆÿ Ç۔

ÔÑی˜ÊÀ ÇáÍÓیäؑ ÓیÏÀ ÒیäÈ ÓáÇã ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ  äÿÔÇã ÏãÔÞ ˜ÿ یÐیÏی ÏÑÈÇÑæŸ ÇæÑ ÈÇÒÇÑæŸ ãیŸ یÇϐÇÑ ÎØÈÿ Ïیÿ۔
ÔÇã ˜ÿÒäÏÇä ˜æ ǁäÿ ãÙáæã ȪÇÆی ˜ÿ ÚÒÇÎÇäÿ ãیŸ ÊÈÏیá ˜ÑÏیÇ ÇæÑ ÇÓ ØÑÍ ÓÊã˜ÇÑæŸ ˜ÿ ãÍá áÑÒäÿ áÿ۔
ÇÈä ÒیÇÏ ãáÚæä ÇÓ ÈÇØá ÎیÇá ãیŸ 滂 ˜À Çی˜ ÎÇÊæä ÇÓ ÞÏÑ ãÕÇÆÈ ÇæÑ ÑäÌ æ ÂáÇã Ïی˜ª ˜Ñ Çی˜ ÌÇÈÑ ÓÊãÑ ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ Ìæ ÇÈ Ïیäÿ ˜ی Ó˜Ê æ ÌÑÃÊ äÀیŸ јªÊی¡˜Àäÿ áÇ:ÇõÓ ÎÏÇ ˜Ç ԘѐÒÇÑ ÀæŸ ÌÓ äÿ  áææŸ ˜æ ÑÓæÇ ˜یÇ¡ÊãÀÇÑÿ ãÑÏæŸ ˜æ ãÇяÇáÇ ÇæÑ ÊãÀÇÑی ÈÇÊæŸ ˜æ ̪æŠÇ ËÇÈÊ ˜یÇ’’Úáی ˜ی ÈیŠی äÿ ˜ãÇá ÚÙãÊ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ÇÓ ÓÑ˜Ô ÙÇÛæÊ ˜ی ØÑÝ ÍÞÇÑÊ ÈªÑی äÙÑæŸ Óÿ Ïی˜ªÇ ÇæÑ ÝÑãÇیÇ یÇÈä ãÑÌÇäÀ۔۔یÇÏ ÑÀÿ ˜À ÇÈä ÐیÇÏ áÚیä ˜ی ãÇŸ ãÑÌÇäÀ ÇÓ æÞÊ ÚÑÈ ˜ی ÒÇäی ÎæÇÊیä ãیŸ ãÔÀæÑ Êªی ÇæÑ یÀ Ȫی ãÔÀæÑ ÊªÇ ˜À ÇÈä ÐیÇÏ ÍÑÇã ÐÇÏÀ Àÿ ¡áی˜ä ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÈÇæÌæÏ یÐیÏ ãáÚæä äÿ ÇÈä ÐیÇÏ ˜æ ǁäÇ ãäÀ ÈæáÇ ÈیŠÇ ÈäÇ˜Ñ æÑäÑ ÈäÇیÇ ÊªÇ:ÊÚÑیÝیŸ ÇõÓ ÎÏÇ ˜یáیÿ ÀیŸ ÌÓ äÿ ÀãیŸ ǁäÿ یÛãÈÑÕ ˜ÿ ÓÇʪ ãäÓæÈ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÚÒÊ ÈÎÔی Âáæϐی æ äǁǘی Óÿ ÏæÑ Ñ˜ªÇ ÇæÑ Ê̪ ÌیÓÿ æیÑÇä Ñ ÔÎÕ ˜æ ÑÓæÇ ˜ÑÏیÇ۔



ÒیäÈ (þÓ)ǁäی æÇáÏÀ ÍÖÑÊ ÝÇØãÀ ÒÀÑÇÁ (Ó)˜ی ØÑÍ ÙÇáãæŸ ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ ÂæÇÒ ÈáäÏ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÕÏÇÆÿ ÇÍÊÌÇÌ ÈáäÏ ˜ÑÊی ÀیŸ ¡ ȪÑÿ ÏÑÈÇÑ ãیŸ ÎÏÇ ˜ی ÍãÏæ ÓÊÇÆÔ ˜ÑÊی ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ÑÓæá(Õ) æ Âá ÑÓæá (ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã) Ñ ÏÑæÏ ÈªیÌÊی ÀیŸ ÇæÑ ªÑ ÞÑÂä ˜ی ÂíÇÊ Óÿ ǁäÿ ÎØÈÀ ˜Ç ÇÓ ØÑÍ ÂÛÇÒ ˜ÑÊی ÀیŸ :
یÒیÏ ÊæیÀ Óã̪ÊÇ ÊªÇ ˜À Êæäÿ Òãیä æ ÂÓãÇä ˜æ Àã Ñ Êä ˜ÑÏیÇ Àÿ ÊیÑÿ ãÇÔÊæŸ äÿ ÀãیŸ ÔÀÑæŸ ÔÀÑæŸ ÇÓیÑی ˜ی ÕæÑÊ ãیŸ ªÑÇیÇ ÊیÑÿ ÒÚã ãیŸ Àã ÑÓæÇ ÇæÑ Êæ ÈÇÚÒÊ ÀæیÇ Àÿ ¿ ÊیÑÇ ÎیÇá Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ ˜Çã Óÿ ÊیÑی ÞÏÑ ãیŸ ÇÖÇÝÀ ÀæیÇ Àÿ ÇÓی áۓ Çä ÈÇÊæŸ Ñ ʘÈÑ ˜ÑÑÀÇ Àÿ ¿ ÌÈ Êæ ǁäی ÊæÇäÇÆی æ ØÇÞÊ (ÝæÌ) ˜æ ÊیÇÑ Ïی˜ªÊÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ Çäی ÈÇÏÔÇÀÊ ˜ÿ ÇãæÑ ˜æ ãäÙã Ïی˜ªÊÇ Àÿ Êæ ÎæÔی ˜ÿ ãÇÑÿ ÿ Óÿ ÈÇÀÑ ÀæÌÇÊÇ Àÿ ۔
Êæ äÀیŸ ÌÇäÊÇ ˜À یÀ ÝÑÕÊ Ìæ Ê̪ÿ Ïی Æی Àÿ ˜À ÇÓ ãیŸ Êæ ǁäی ÝØÑÊ ˜æ ÂÔ˜ÇÑ ˜ÑÓ˜ÿ ˜یÇÊæ äÿ Þæá ÎÏÇ ˜æ ÝÑÇãæÔ ˜ÑÏیÇ Àÿ ۔  ÂیÊ ˜ÇÝÑ یÀ ÎیÇá äÀ ˜ÑیŸ ˜À یÀ ãÀáÊ Ìæ ÇäªیŸ Ïی Æí Àÿ یÀ Çä ˜ÿ áۓ ÈÀÊÑیä ãæÞÚ Àÿ ¡ Àã äÿ Çä ˜æ ÇÓ áۓ ãÀáÊ Ïی Àÿ ÊǘÀ æÀ ǁäÿ äÇÀæŸ ãیŸ ÇæÑ ÇÖÇÝÀ ˜ÑáیŸ ¡ ªÑ Çä Ñ ÑÓæÇ ˜Ñäÿ æÇáÇ ÚÐÇÈ äÇÒá ÀæÇ ۔
 ˜یÇ یÀ ÚÏá Àÿ ÊیÑی ÈیŠیÇŸ ÇæÑ ˜äیÒیŸ ÈÇÚÒÊ ÑÏÀ ãیŸ ÈیŠªیŸ ÇæÑ ÑÓæá  Õ ˜ی ÈیŠیæŸ ˜æ Êæ ÇÓیÑ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÓÑÈÑÀäÀ ˜Ñÿ ¡ ÇäÀیŸ ÓÇäÓ Ê˜ äÀ áیäÿ ÏیÇ ÌÇۓ ¡ ÊیÑی ÝæÌ ÇäªیŸ ÇæäŠæŸ Ñ ÓæÇÑ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÔÀÑ ÈÀ ÔÀÑ ªÑÇۓ ¿ äÀ ÇäÀیŸ ˜æÆí äÇÀ ÏیÊÇ Àÿ ¡ äÀ ˜Óی ˜æ Çä ˜ی ÍÇáÊ ˜ÇÎیÇá Àÿ ¡ äÀ ˜æÆی ÓсÑÓÊ Çä ˜ÿ ÀãÑÇÀ ÀæÊÇ Àÿ áæ ÇÏªÑ Çžý 컄 Óÿ ÇäÀیŸ Ïی˜ªäÿ ˜ÿ áۓ ÌãÚ Àæäÿ ÀیŸ ¡ áی˜ä ÌÓ ˜ÿ Ïá ãیŸ ÀãÇÑÿ ØÑÝ Óÿ ˜یäÀ ȪÑÇ ÀæÇ Àÿ ÇÓ Óÿ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÇæÑ ˜یÇ ÊæÞÚ ˜ی ÌÇÓ˜Êی Àÿ ¿
Êæ ˜ÀÊÇ Àÿ ˜À ˜ÇÔ Ìä ÈÏÑ ãیŸ ÞÊá Àæäÿ æÇáÿ ãیÑÿ ÈÒѐ ãæÌæÏ ÀæÊÿ ÇæÑ یÀ ˜ÀÀ ˜Ñ Êæ ÝÑÒäÏ ÑÓæá (Õ) ÓیÏ ÇáÔÀÏÇ ÇãÇã ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜ÿ ÏäÏÇä ãÈÇј Ñ ªšی áÇ ˜Ñ Èÿ ÍÑãÊی ˜ÑÊÇ Àÿ ¿ ˜Èªی ÊیÑÿ Ïá ãیŸ یÀ ÎیÇá äÀیŸ ÂÊÇ Àÿ ˜À Êæ Çی˜ äÇÀ ÇæÑ ÈÑÿ ˜Çã ˜Ç ãÑÊ˜È ÀæÇ Àÿ ¿ Êæäÿ Âá ÑÓæá (Õ) ÇæÑ ÎÇäÏÇä ÚÈÏÇáãØáÈ Èäی ÀÇÔã ˜Ç Îæä ÈÀÇ ˜Ñ ǁäÿ  ˜æ ÇÈæÌÀá æ ÇÈæÓÝیÇä ˜ی ÇæáÇÏ Èäی ÇãیÀ ËÇÈÊ ˜یÇ Àÿ۔
ÎæÔ äÀ Àæ ˜À Êæ ÈÀÊ ÌáÏ ÎÏÇ ˜ی ÈÇѐÇÀ ãیŸ ÍÇÖÑ ÀæÇ ¡ ÇÓ æÞÊ یÀ ÊãäÇ ˜Ñÿ Ç ˜À ˜ÇÔ Êæ Çä컂 ÀæÊÇ ÇæÑ یÀ Ïä äÀ Ïی˜ªÊÇ Êæ یÀ ˜ÀÊÇ Àÿ ˜À ÇÑ ãیÑÿ ÈÒѐ ÇÓ ãÌáÓ ãیŸ ÀæÊÿ Êæ ÎæÔی ÓÿǍªá šÊÿ ¡ Çÿ ÇááÀ Êæ Àی ÀãÇÑÇ ÇäÊÞÇã áÿ ÇæÑ Ìä áææŸ äÿ À㠁ÑÓÊã ˜یÇ Àÿ Çä ˜ÿÏáæŸ ˜æ ÀãÇÑÿ ˜یäÀ Óÿ ÎÇáی ˜ÑÏÿ ¡ÎÏǘی ÞÓã Êæ ǁäÿ ÿ Óÿ ÈÇÀÑ Â یÇ Àÿ ÇæÑ Çäÿ æÔÊ ˜æ ÈšªÇáیÇ Àÿ ۔
ÌÓ ÑæÒ ÑÓæá (Õ)ÎÏÇ ¡Çä ˜ÿ ÇÀá ÈیÊ (Ú) ¡ ÇæÑ Çä ˜ÿ ÝÑÒäÏ ÑÍãÊ ÎÏÇ ˜ÿ ÓÇیÀ ãیŸ ÂÑÇã ˜ÑÊÿ ÀæŸ ÿ Êæ ÐáÊ æ ÑÓæÇÆی ˜ÿÓÇʪ Çä ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ ˜ªšÇ ÀæÇ ۔یÀ Ïä æÀ ÑæÒ Àÿ ÌÓ ãیŸ ÎÏÇ ÇäÇ æÚÏÀ æÑÇ ˜Ñÿ Ç æÀ ãÙáæã æ ÓÊã ÏیÏÀ áæ Ìæ ˜À ǁäÿ Îæä ˜ی ÇÏÑ Ç暪ÿ Çی˜ æÔÿ ãیŸ ãÍæ ÎæÇÈ ÀیŸ ¡ ÇäÀیŸ ÌãÚ ˜Ñÿ Ç ۔
ÎÏÇ ÎæÏ ÝÑãÇÊÇ Àÿ : ” ÑÇÀ ÎÏÇ ãیŸ ãÑÌÇäÿ æÇáæŸ ˜æ ãÑÏÀ äÀ Óã̪æ Èá˜À æÀ ÒäÏÀ ÀیŸ ÇæÑ Çäÿ ÑæÑϐÇÑ ˜ی äÚãÊæŸ Óÿ ÈÀÑÀ ãäÏ ÀیŸ ¡ ÊیÑÿ Èǁ ãÚÇæیÀ äÿ Ê̪ÿ äÇÍÞ ãÓáãÇäæŸ Ñ ãÓáØ ˜یÇ Àÿ ¡ ÌÓ ÑæÒ ãÍãÏ (Õ) ÏÇÏ ÎæÇÀ ÀæŸ ÿ ÇæÑ ÝیÕáÀ ˜Ñäÿ æÇáÇ ÎÏÇ ÀæÇ ¡ ÇæÑ ÚÏÇáÊ ÇáÀی ãیŸ ÊیÑÿ ÀÇʪ ÇÄŸ æÇÀ ÀæŸ ÿ ÇÓ ÑæÒ ãÚáæã ÀæÇ ˜À Êã ãیŸ Óÿ ˜æä ÒیÇÏÀ äی˜ ÈÎÊ Àÿ ۔

ÇÑ Êæ یÀ Óã̪ÊÇ Àÿ ˜À Êæäÿ ÀãÇÑÿ ãÑÏæŸ ˜æ ÔÀیÏ ÇæÑ ÀãیŸ ÇÓیÑ ˜Ñ˜ÿ ÝÇÆÏÀ ÍÇÕá ˜Ñ áیÇ Àÿ Êæ ÚäÞÑیÈ Ê̪ÿ ãÚáæã ÀæÌÇۓ Ç ˜À ÌÓÿ Êæ ÝÇÆÏÀ Óã̪ÊÇ Àÿ æÀ äÞÕÇä ˜ÿ ÓæÇ ˜ª äÀیŸ Àÿ ¡ ÇÓ ÑæÒ ÊãÀÇÑÿ ˜ۓ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ÊãÇÑÿ ÇÓ ˜ª äÀ ÀæÇ ¡ Êæ ÇÈä ÒیÇÏ Óÿ ãÏÏ ãÇäÿ Ç ÇæÑ æÀ Ê̪ Óÿ ¡ Êæ ÇæÑ ÊیÑÿ یÑæ˜ÇÑ ÎÏÇ ˜ی ãیÒÇä ÚÏá ˜ÿ ÓÇãäÿ ˜ªšÿ ÀæŸ ÿ ۔
Ê̪ÿ ÇÓ ÑæÒ ãÚáæã ÀæÇ ˜À ÈÀÊÑیä ÊæÔÀ Ìæ ÊãÀÇÑÿ ÇÌÏÇÏ äÿ ÊیÑÿ áۓ ÌãÚ ˜یÇ Àÿ æÀ یÀ Àÿ ˜À Êæ äÿ ÑÓæá (Õ) ÎÏÇ ˜ÿ ÈیŠæŸ ˜æ ÞÊá ˜ÑÏیÇ ۔
ÞÓã ÎÏÇ ˜ی ãیŸ ÎÏÇ ˜ÿ ÓæÇ ˜Óی Óÿ äÀیŸ ÑÊی ÇæÑ ÇÓ ˜ÿ ÚáÇæÀ ˜Óی Óÿ Ô˜ÇیÊ äÀیŸ ˜ÑÊی ¡ Ìæ ÇÀæ Êã ˜Ñæ ¡ ÌÓ äیÑäی Óÿ ˜Çã áیäÇ ÇÀæ áæ ¡ ǁäی ÀÑÏÔãäی ˜Ç ÇÙÀÇÑ ˜Ñ˜ÿ Ïی˜ª áæ ¡ ÞÓã ÎÏÇ ˜ی Ìæ ää ˜Ç ϪÈÀ ÊیÑÿ ÏÇãä Ñ á íÇ Àÿ æÀ ÀÑÒ äÀ ªæŠÿ Ç ¡ ÀÑ ÊÚÑیÝ ÎÏÇ ˜ÿ áۓ Àÿ ÌÓ äÿ ÌæÇäÇä ÈÀÔÊ ˜ÿ ÓÑÏÇÑæŸ ÍÓä æ ÍÓیä ÚáیÀ ÓáÇã ˜æ ˜ÇãیÇÈی ÚØÇ ˜ی ¡ ÌäÊ ˜æ Çä ˜ÿ áۓ æÇÌÈ ÞÑÇÑ ÏیÇ ¡

ãیÏÇä ˜ÑÈáÇ ãیŸ ÈæŸ ÈÒÑæŸ ÇæÑ ÎæÇÊیä ˜Ç äãÇیÇŸ ˜ÑÏÇÑ ÀãیŸ ÂÌ ˜ی ˜ÑÈáÇ یÇ ÏæÑ ÍÇÖÑ ãیŸ ǁäÇ ˜ÑÏÇÑ ÇÏÇ ˜Ñäÿ ˜Ç ÓÈÞ ÏیÊÿ Àÿ ÈÞæá ÔÇÚÑ

áÈ ÝÑÇÊ À ÇÈ Èªی Ìä ÌÇÑی Àÿ

˜æÆی ÍÓیä ˜ÿ áÔ˜Ñ ãیŸ ÂÆÿ ÍÑ ˜ی ØÑÍ



ÊÍÑیÑ æ ÊÑÊیÈ۔ ÇیÓ Çی ÈäÔ



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