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Cricketism: Pakistan once again gambles for 100 and 50, fails!




None, obviously, requires any crash course to understand the simple fact that 100 runs or above  cannot be scored by any batboys without  support form the bowlers and fielders who play mischief in  just throwing balls to the bat and  refuse to take  catches  or stop the ball form rolling to the boundary line.


General rule, being practiced by cricket teams is to invoke “give and take” rule between teams, officially, and let  select batboys shine with 100s or above while bowlers and fielders  support them. Even 50 runs is also part of the rule. 


Batboys need 100s to get chances to endorse products and make money and so the mafias do the needful to see that  the”aspiring” candidates with a bat get 100s  by rotation.


The ongoing Pakistan-South Africa and India-West Indies  have proven that point beyond doubt in their own ways.

India thrashed West Indies both sides, clinching the series 3-1. In fact, it looks WI batboys do not deserve even 30 over to end their tidings. They are too weak to bat and too weak to bowl.

Like Misbah, Gayle also thought he is enough for the team and he would just hit 300 runs and win the Indian test.

Both Misbah and Gayle fell so cheap that all their records look fake.
Time is changing and only effective bowlers can make the difference.

It seems Pakistan is heading for a series defeat in ODI by South Africa.
Pakistani bowlers are not serious enough and their batboys play according a weak strategy of letting the “next” person to bat.

All they want is a 100 for captain Misbah.


While India got what it wanted from West Indies in India, Pakistan has been reeling under the heavy weight of South African bowlers. No Pakistani batboy could really shine the way they perhaps expected.


Pakistan bowls first but lets South African make enough runs, including 100 and 5o, but they don't get the return favor from South Africans . They now play in Dubai since foreign cricket teams do not come to Pakistan to play. .


Knowing fully well that they can’t chase down more than 200 runs, Pakistani bowlers readily offered  over 250 runs to South Africans with a couple of  50 plus to some batboys. But Pakistani batboys failed to make any impact against strict bowling from South Africans.


In the third  ODI, Pakistanis lost 6 wickets even before they get 120 runs. And they know they are out. SA bowlers were a bit slow  because they  want to prolong the match so that Pakistanis don't feel  too bad. Pakistan is capable of restricting SA to 180 runs at the most up to 200, but did not do that they were  focused on 50s  for their own batboys.


 None of Pakistani batboys got even 50 this time.


Last time Pakistan struggled to chase down even a small total below 200 runs.  Misbah was not happy that Pakistan won second ODI without his valuable contribution.


South Africans are in mood to concede any free runs to Pakistani batboys and Pakistani team should read their mind neatly, instead of day dreaming for 100s and 50s.



They got 50 runs, but Pakistan lost match, series.

Pakistan lost the match and series- they are least bothered about a win. All they wanted is a couple of 50s on exchange program.


However, Pakistan is happy that they got two 5s- one for the skipper Misbah in exchange for one 100 and two 50s.


Pakistanis, like politicians in that country, do not play for the nation. They play for themselves , for extra money though endorsements.


PCB promotes rotten cricketers with bat and ball. .

Do they really fear god when play mischief or gamble for 50 runs?

Why not the PCB ask the bowlers to play their full capability and help the batboys with a meager  score to chase down?

Pakistan should play sensibly with a clear executable plan not to be carried away by bogus 100s for making money immorally.

Gambling is no good.

Playing only for wickets  and not to pressure the batboys  with dot-balls is a sign of wickedness.

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