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M ost of the things reported in an article before are not facts. There were very few politicians who attended the wedding. Politicians that attended the wedding included: The three Sharif brothers (mainly due to their family terms), Khawaja Asif,Babar Ghauri and thats pretty much it. Prime Minister Gillani was represented by his son and Ahsan Iqbal was represented by his son as well.

As for the the total expenses: The total bill was AED 97,500 (Dirhams) whereas Ishaq Dar has donated alone 1 crore (10 Million Rs) for flood relief program. Come On we gotta give it up for the man's honesty! Here is the Bill:

One thing that we as Pakistanis do is blame, its hardly time that we stop that and start looking for facts and figures. It is highly time that we scratch the past and see who has done what for Pakistan and lets start educating people about the right people we need for a brighter Pakistan. We HAVE TO STOP the politics of PMLN, PPP, ANP. The individuals are the future not parties. I honestly believe that Ishaq Dar, Raza Rabbani, etc are the people who can genuinely do some thing about Pakistan. Not parties!

 Reply:   Subhan-Allah
Replied by(Pakistani88) Replied on (16/Oct/2010)

My dear Brother in Islam, May Allah SWA guide us all to the straight path. You have made some very wrong accusations, it might not be your fault and you might be misguided by a few Misguided ones but May Allah SWA forgive you and me and all of us for HE SWA knows the best. I do not speak for any one, I write what are facts and figures to the best of my knowledge (AllahoAlim) but you certainly my friend are poisoned against politicians. I think there is no use of me arguing with you but just for the records Mr. Dar went to USA for the Annual Spring meetings and not to take dictation. If you cant recall or may be you were just a kid at the time, Mr. Dar is the one who boldly refused IMF's Dictation for devalueing Pak Rupee after which he became to be known as the "Tough Negotiator" for his country. It is Mr. Dar who walked out of Bill Clinton's Meeting when the F16 issue was not being taken seriously by the Americans. You seem to fear Allah SWA, so my brother please get your facts straight for what you just wrote is not the teaching of our beloved Prohet Muhammed (SAW). Remember me and the country in your duaas.  
 Reply:   shareefs and ishaaq daar are corruption kings
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (29/Sep/2010)

lahori people know how drug money of shareefs relative akram butt was that made shareef brothers fortune.only those munafiqeen now side with ppp,mqm or muslim league parties who themselves have some interest in doing flattery of these parties. i know personally those people who can testify how shareefs and ishaaq daar made billions of dollars via corruption in nawas shareefs prime minsiter ship. whoever wrote this article will one day answer to allah and than he will be answerable . misguiding our already near death nation into thinking that nawaz league or ishaaq daar are any better than other politicians is asuch a lie that allah wont ever forgive you i have not the time and space here to write about how nawaz shareef worked for american interests and ishaaq daar has links with some anti pakistan people. when present govt came and ishaaq daar was appointed finance minsiter (before n league resigned) he flew at once to washington to take dictation from american agencies and he even praised musharaf,s finance policies and promised to keep them. alas how short is pakistani peoples memories.or they had bulldozed this false column if they remembered their history. those people who now want that pakistan go from zerdari to ishaaq daar mafia,s hands are our worse enemies. munafiqeens time is we need a muslim leadership
 Reply:   ishaaq daar is corrupt no doubt
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (29/Sep/2010)

its all lies lies and more lies in article above as a lahori i know ishaaq daars back ground.he belonged to a very poor family and till he joined muslim league nawaaz group he was very poor than he started looting pakistan.

 like asif zerdari ishaaq daar has rightful title of being the asif zerdari of muslim league ,whoever wrote this article has no fear of allah or that he will die some day .

who in right mind in pakistan does not know the history of horrible corruption of shareef brothers and ishaaq daar who is their relative law relative

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