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PM Blocked


The Prime Minister tasted the bitter pill of his own VIP movement torture on 1st May Sunday evening at Lahore.  His cavalcade coming down the Sherpao bridge had to go the Governor’s House. As per practice the entire traffic on the Jail road had been blocked by the police.  After waiting for what looked hours in the sweltering heat and his car engine running eating up the costly petrol a person lost his patience and came out of the car waving his shoes at the oncoming Police escort motorbikes and cars.  A few policemen rushed upon him and a scuffle between them ensued. The policemen started beating the person and that infuriated quite a few others who also came out of their cars to his rescue. A few policemen raised their weapons but the people started shouting, “Maro goli, maro goli”, which unnerved the force. This sparked off an instant reaction from all others in the cars and within no time a throng of 40 to 50 men was chasing the police, who by now had taken to their heels.  Sensing danger PM’s escorts swerved left towards the Main Gulberg avenue while the PM was still on the Jail Road many cars behind. Somehow immediately every halted car started moving, some going straight and others turning right into the main boulevard. They were moving conspicuously slow to delay the PM for as long as they could, as if out of sheer vengeance. Completely blocked PM had to experience for himself what the people have always suffered from.


I think, the VIPs and the VVIPs must use helicopters for their within the city movement or else from here on wards it will not be possible to block the traffic for them.  If it could be done in Lahore it can be done elsewhere too.


Surprising this incident was not reported in the media – print as well as electronic.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)   

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