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APL condemns the Race hate attack at Salford
LONDON, March 27, APL (Association of Pakistani Lawyers), a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, and Judges in UK has taken serious note of a possible racially motivated acid attack on a Cameroon origin female in Salford City centre.
APL leant with caution from British Press that the incident took place at about 2pm on Thursday (22 March) in a subway leading to Salford Shopping City in Pendleton in a busy area in the centre of the city where a 29-year-old Cameroon origin female who was pushing a pram through central Salford when a corrosive liquid was thrown at her, burning through her clothes and on to her back and chest. She was carrying a six-month-old daughter with her which remained unharmed. Police believes that a random daylight acid attack on a woman in Salford may have been racially motivated, and the Association has condemned it out rightly, and has termed it unacceptable in this day and age.
APL observed that community protection irrespective of their race, colour or origin must be the primary task of the law enforcement segments and it must be taken seriously and a ‘zero tolerance’ must be shown against anyone who is involved in such heinous crime and or practice. APL demanded that Police including other agencies must consider it “an absolute priority”, as we expect all agencies to treat race hate crime extremely seriously and take all steps necessary to deter and defeat such mindset working together to address problems in individual communities, and society at large.
APL warned that extreme far right groups marches in the Northwest will provoke further community tensions if these incidents are tolerated lightly and are not handled with the severe arm of law at the earliest. “Sometimes our plight seems meaningless without inclusion of physical experiences of individuals and groups though it does not need to be, and from Terrible personal experience of 2001, I would seek all of your intervention to oppose and defeat race hate and racially motivated crime & attitude towards such thinking and let’s make this kind of mindset a history in our society, said Mr. Malik,

Signed By Chair & Secretary
Amjad Malik – Chair APL
Of Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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