"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Lucky Guy

A – Haq, London

Every other day we come across incidents which change our life dramatically. It is sometimes in the form of death of some young man, or the fatal accidents which take away lives of the entire family or families. There is no doubt that God may bestow greatness on anyone or snatch away every blessing. This world is full of such life changing incidents but thenumber of  people who learn from these events are gradually on the decrease. Everyone knows that death time, when it comes can’t be averted even by paying entire life’s accumulations. And both money and death are determined by the Creator, the Lord of the worlds.

In those days when Islamic countries like Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya faced revolutionary movements the pro-government  could have never imagined occurrence of those events. Had anyone thought of Saddam Hussian like ruler being hanged or had anyone ever thought of Husni Mubarak like pro-American ruler despite sickness thrown behind the bars, or even Rulerofthe second biggest oil producing  country  like Col. Kaddafi will die after having been beaten at the hands of the public. Even greater is the example of Son of Col. Kaddafi, Saif ul Islam  declaring Ex- Prime Minister Tony Blair as his close friend and that he would be receiving state dinners from the adversaries of his father like British Queen and the royal family. Could anybody think that he would grow so fond of riches that lust of luxurious life. He was the same Saif ul Islam who had convinced his father through his learned argument  to stop working on Atomic Bomb. It is the same Sif the greatest  law breaker,  in his lustful life he bothered nothing – neither religion nor ethics  but he is pushed into such a miserable life that he finds not even a doc to dress his wounds.  No state is ready to own him or provide shelter to him. 

It is a time for  other Islamic rulers of the day to ponder and decide which side to opt. You may not find a time for correction!!

God  never allows such a treatment with his loved ones. He ,but, dislikes the harshness and the harsh, evil and the evil doers. Such a time can come only on evil-doers. The incidents and events that occurred just a short while ago are eye-openers and indications to revert and under-go self-correction. If somebody doesn’t understand these indications  and keep on the same track they invite God’s wrath. They face in this world a retrieval and the rest is stored for the hereafter.


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