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Parliament Lodges


According to a news report after the Chairman CDA removed the old Director  Parliament Lodges - probably on account of MNA Dasti’s allegation - the newly appointed Director Parliament Lodges politely declined to assume the charge. That reminds me of an incidence of about two decades ago – or may be even more.  I was going to Rawalpindi from Islamabad in my car and spotted a gentleman standing near the Kashmir Highway Toll Plaza as if waiting for some transport. I asked him to be my guest which he thankfully accepted. During our conversation I was amazed to know that he was the care taker of the Parliament Lodges but didn’t own a car! Impressed by his honesty I asked him as to how did he find his job.  The God fearing man touched his both ear lobes and said, “Sir, kuch na poochein keh wahan kia kia kuch nahi hota”!  (Sir, do not ask as to what all doesn’t happen there!) And, not only that some of the Parliamentarians ev! en decamp with the crested blankets and towels, room refrigerators and air conditioners on vacating the rooms and that too without paying the accumulated rent of quite a few months and utility bills.


Do I hear article 62, 63 echoing somewhere?!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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