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Kashmir Action Plan


To be honest we should be grateful to Modi for his idiocy in revoking Article 370 and thus providing us with an opportunity of taking the Kashmir issue back to the Security Council after more than half a century of it lying almost dormant. Modi could have never imagined in his wildest dream the kind of reaction it would have from the Kashmiris and their sympathisers the world over. Observance of the Black Day on the Indian Independence day 15 August in most capitals of the world was simply incredible, especially by the Sikhs participating in large numbers to express their unanimity with the literally locked up Kashmiris of the Indian occupied Kashmir. Pakistan gained a great moral victory over India who tried her best desperately that the Security Council should not convene over Kashmir but failed. It is, however, early to say as to what would be the final outcome of the UNSC. Would there be any resolution passed or just a statement issued by it, will only be known in due c! ourse?  Pakistan should, therefore, keep the momentum on by holding such rallies at all international politically important venues, such as the UNO N.Y., Geneva, Paris, Washington D.C., House of Parliament, Westminster London, European Union HQs, all important capitals of the world, all Islamic countries and OIC HQs etc. etc. These rallies must be well organised, led in a most disciplined manner ensuring no untoward  traffic obstruction and every fortnightly only till the UNSC takes some cogent action to resolve the Kashmir issue.  The organisers of the rallies should make articulate but short speeches at the end of which a written protest be handed over to the concerned. Needless to say, the widest possible publicity be given to such rallies by print, electronic and social media. Let the world know and remember that we hold the Kashmir cause uppermost in our hearts and would go any length to get them their right to freedom.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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