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A Free Kashsmir: Random Thoughts-55


New Regime in Kashmir: What is their agenda?

Sheikh Abdullah family is back in
Kashmir to play hidden games with Kashmiris. As per the Indian pre-plan, one of the Kashmiri traitors and the chief heir of former JK CM Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah has assumed office of CM of JK today along with 10 ministers including a Hindu deputy CM imposed (to take care of Indian Hindu interests) from Indian Congress party, a prominent soft Hindutva Indian political outfit, responsible for the ghastly destruction of the grand Babri Mosque in 1992 in Uttar Pradesh and the pathetic plight of Muslims in India. The ten member council of ministers includes Congress leader Tara Chand, who took oath as the deputy chief minister. The fact that Omar ran to New Delhi after winning the polls shows India wanted to push through its nefarious designs through Omar.


Perhaps India wants to place a Hindu as JK chief minister, but in view of the fact most of the elected members are Muslims, the Congress has decided to have deputy CM, perhaps for the time being. It was expected that New Delhi would push through a Hindu as a deputy CM and hence it spun the support extended by PDP. The India pressure tactics has once again worked in JK with Kashmiris. Indian agents have promoted BJP in JK so as to "˜clinch" the illegal land deal for the NRI Hindu god Amarnath, one of UK discovered during its colonial rule in the region. What is going to happen next in Kashmir remains to be seen. From this it follows that NC, the so-called Kashmir nationalist party, has struck a deal with Congress party to have Hindu as his deputy CM.



Secret Grave-yards remain a permanent indicator of Indian secular democracy in Jammu Kashmir. No one knows for sure, what exactly is the agenda (hidden in Indian style) of the Omar-Vohra-Chand regime. It certainly cannot be a pro-Kashmir in any case.  One looks certain: India wanted the freedom groups to fight the polls and end up with a few seats, but that would have made the India case easier; with many Kashmiri splinter groups in Assembly, the Congress party would have used them all up manipulate CM post for Hindu who would immediately reopen the illegal Amarnath case and appease the Hindu extremists and terrorists in India and Jammu region.  Already a few more innocent Kashmiris have been brutally killed by Indo-JK regimes in Kashmir after the polls, perhaps as part of Indian celebration of "victory" over freedom struggle leaders"¦"¦ India should know this "victory" would be short-lived"¦.


(To Continue..>)



Yours Sincerely,


Columnist & Independent Researcher in World Affairs,

The only Indian to have gone through entire India

South Asia.


****This is from:Dr. Abdul Ruff*** Mob: 9349942532  


A nation that has enslaved free people is no democracy. "Democracies"  like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are as dangerous as "terrorism".

With Best wishes. 2009.
Kindly don't sed me false mails for awards and prizes, I dont buy them.* Indian government owes me, a former university level faculty for central government, possibly billions of rupees as dues as well as VRS but the present regime refuses to settle the money.* Indian government unleashed remote as well as direct terror on me for years, to surrender job for VRS including terror dreams, denying me continuous sleep and making me to wake up to the remote terror strikes. * India has several times unleashed politico-lumpen elements to attack me.*The shameless GOI people(PM,President,HRD minister) don't even bother to respond to my appeals in this "largest democracy". * I shall be grateful to you if U pursue that for me.Thanks for kind cooperation.IndianPM is reluctant to release my money.Sadly, many Muslim journalists are anti-Islamic. Unfortunately, columnists write anything any way for cash. From Dr. Abdul Ruff * with Best wishes. 2009.   
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