"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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The Qur’an presents

A living and Lasting God (2:256)

The Lord of all creation (1:2)

The Gracious, the Merciful (1:3)

The Almighty (29:43)

All-hearing, all-knowing (5:77)

The Wise (34:2)

The Forgiving (34:3)

The Bountiful (27:41)

The Loving (11:91)

The Creator, the Maker (59:25)

The high, the Great (2:256)

The Holy (10:69)

The Lord of all praise, Owner of all glory (31:13)

The One, the Supreme (39:5)

Who is free from all wants (64:7)?

Begets none and is begotten by no one, and has none as His equal (112:4-5)

Who guides men 10:36, 33:5)?

Hear prayers (2:187)

Speaks to such of them as fulfil His covenant (3:77& 42:52)

Punishes the transgressors (48:18)

Reward those who do good (6:84)

Love those who do good (2:196)

Our attitude towards Him has to be that of complete submission (3:20)

Allah has created all men from the same stock (4:2)

Allah has divided them into different groups so that they may know one another, and that the best among them is he who best performs his duty (49:14)

Allah has given us detailed instructions as to

How we should treat our parents ( 17:24-25)

Our near and dear, neighbours, orphans and the downtrodden (4:37)

Our Wives (2:188,4:20)

Our Children (6:153)

Our Widows (4:20)

Our enemies (5:9)

Our companions (24:61, 58:12)

Allah tells us:

To be truthful (9:120)

To shun lies (22:31)

Not to commit adultery (17:33)

Not to commit theft (5:39)

Not to commit Murder (6:152)

Not to commit breach of trust ( 8:28)

Not to be dishonest (8:59)

To keep away from all that is vain (23:3)

To fulfil our covenants (5:2)

To strive for increased knowledge (20:115)

To do justice (4:59)

To be benevolent (16:91)

To be steadfast (3:201)

To be thankful (39:67)

To admonish others to do good (16:126)

Not to preach that we DO NOT practice (61:3)

Not to be haughty and vainglorious ( 4:37)

To be neither miserly nor spendthrift ( 17:30)

To be humble (25:64)

To speak kindly (2:84)

To suppress our rage and forgive people (3:135)

To repay evil with good (13:23)

To be united (3:103)

To DO NOT backbite (103:2)

To spend wealth for the cause of Allah (2:262)

To spend wealth for the poor and needy (2:272)

Not to ridicule one another or call names (49:12)

To fear none but Allah (2:41)

To eat pure things (2:169)

To remain clean (2:223 & 74:6)

Allah further says:

All your deeds, even if they are as minor as an iota, must visit on you (99:8-9)

That all that is on the earth carries the seed of destruction (55:27)

That the haven and earth have not been created in vain (38:28)

That just as He started the cycle of creation so shall He reverse it (21:104)

He, who created you the first time, will again raise you to life (17:52 & 19:67)

The fact that you cannot conquer death shows that there is a purpose in it (56:88) etc. etc.

We are not to live longer

Start living by Qur’an, the only perfect and detailed book of guidance on earth.

Please remember

ISLAM  is not a new religion and Qur’an is not the first book of Islam. The only religion prescribed for the mankind and carried forward by Hadrat Abraham  (peace be upon him) is ISLAM. Qur’an is the last and final book in the series of Divine Books.

Non-Muslim descendents of Adam (as) may also update their faith and follow the latest version of Divine laws.


Muhammad Latif Chaudhery

Student of Quran

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