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Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at last had a two hour long meeting with lonely super power president of the United States Barrack Obama at oval office at the White House on the eve of 23 October 2013. Neither priorities nor necessities change from ground realities of any country which goes in a talk or negotiate course of heir relationships. Respectable countries keep an eye on their interests and it doesn't matter to them who they talk to in the course. Pakistan however is an exception, normally driven by its needs and poor infrastructure, lusty and unlawful regimes marred by incompetent non democratic leadership always preferred flour, F16, aid from USA  in lieu of support in investment, strength in infrastructure and investment in the future of democracy economy and non military environment in Pakistan. More we will meet as a team where people, institution, leadership and government are on the same page the better we will perform at the future fronts as we will have a room for some front foot play. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif where emphasised on ending drones which is carried under a dubious cover and are counter productive also cleverly vowed to end extremism which is good sign of his leadership. US president respected both not only honouring state so reignite but contributing towards security of the state, region and the world in return.


Honourable settlement of Dr Afia Siddiqui, investment in energy sector and commercial projects and trade not aid went well with the President Obama from his reactions. Previously leaders either went with a list of demands and came with things to do, or were so startled by the threats of ending up in stone age that they ended up accepting what was not in the menu. Pakistan's willingness to have strong economy is only possible if the environment is genuinely created where bombs, suicidal human missiles do not explode like fireworks. In that respect strong word through APC to have a dialogue with Taliban and ending drones was a greater bargain tool in PM Sharif's arsenal to persuades united states to allow an opportunity to try to seek peace through a dialogue and a realistic offer with some confidence building measures has already been put on the table. End of Drones and dialogue will only give dividend if tribal belt is properly manned, and access of constitutional writ through courts and political and economical development is taken in those deprived areas. Education takes away guns from the hands of radicalised youth and political activity duplicates the jihadist movements. Elections, political parties, court extension to those areas under constitution with employment, and development projects creating employment will turn masterminds and handlers of those youngsters barren, hopefully.


I am sure prime minister's warming to put its own house in order as a priority too depicts country's loose policy of letting other's play with its destiny which cost lives , loss of asset and chance of becoming a respectable nation in the community of nation. Only civilian leadership has the courage and capacity to bring all interest groups & stake holders on one common agenda by properly having a meaningful consultation.  

President Obama though emphasised the need to have a peaceful prosperous Pakistan and have given short term  approval of the actions the Prime Minister Sharif regime has taken which is a good sign. But there are loads of challenges ahead as progress on four E's (energy, economy , education, and ending extremism) will not be easy to accomplish as there are many T's (TTP& Trauma of  Terrorism ) stuck in the way.


Having a dialogue on minimum equal standing in a very fragile situation is a good start. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is most probably having a last ride being the third time Premier of Pakistan. If he extends the writ of state to Fata, ends extremism and replaces it with free education preserving democracy and churning the wheel of dying economy, he will be remembered in golden words in Pakistan like Malaysia's Mahateer Mohammad. Ending Electricity shortage and corruption free administration with rule of law and making it a peaceful Pakistan in this newly attained democracy will be his biggest short term challenges.  Obama's hint to refer his memory of Pakistani 'daal keema ' is in fact his liking of Nawaz Sharif and his desire that if Pakistan does progress, he will be very happy to honour the civilian regime of hosting United states president. Sharif is badly bitten in the past and he is cautious and twice shy, though his delayed actions are causing some apathy but better right than late and his resolve to attain democratic strength, civilian supremacy, and rule of law and strong economy force  me to think that he is after government with some sovereign  powers than merely a visit in the power corridors. He seems to be advancing slowly towards that end and after retirement of two big guns, his sail will be smoother, I pray. From the body language it seems PM Sharif will have to cook daal keema soon at Prime Minister house of Pakistan for President Obama.


Barrister Amjad Malik is a chair of the Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK) and frequently comments on Pakistan's legal political and international Affairs. 




Amjad Malik

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