"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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                         Where are you Shahbaz Sharif?

 Lack of education is considered the cause of terrorism, poverty and all other problems and economic situation of our country. Still education is not being given required attention and importance. Extraordinary steps are required to achieve extraordinary results. We�ll have to educate the nation and improve the standard of education on war basis. On the political scenario you are the only one who has the will, ability and chance to do this.

      I am an educationist and doing some extraordinary work in education field. I have done a great deal of work in educational software designing. I am also doing some unique work on curriculum designing. My work has been praised by some international education specialists. In august 2008, I started my struggle to contact you and offer my work and service for the uplift of education. I contacted your party leaders but of no use. I went to the Open court but you didn�t come there that day. I went to the PITB but they weren�t interested to see my work. I approached the Chairman of the PITB and showed him my work. He told me that if it was really my work he would take me to the CM(Mian Shahbaz Sharif). Later on he ordered some IT specialists to witness my work. I don�t know what kind of report they prepared and where that report went.  One of the participants of that meeting Mr Fiaz Ahmad Sajid (System Analyst PMIU/PESRP) Admired my work and advised me not to lose hope in any circumstances. He told me that my work was requirement of our students. Mr Fiaz is still a source of encouragement for me.

   Then I started writing letters to you. I am thankful that you ordered thrice on my letters. First time I was told to meet the ACS Javed Aslam. He told me that my work was related to education and  he could not do anything for me. In response to my next letter I was told to have a meeting with secretary schools education and the chairman of PEF. They contacted me but could not fix a time for the meeting. I could only meet the Chairman of the PEF while he was on a visit to Faisalabad. He witnessed my work but did nothing more. No report about my work was prepared. I wrote again to you and this time on you directive I was called by the PITB to have a  meeting with Mr Ahmad Nawaz (Preject Manager). He saw my work on 2nd of October 2009 and sent a report about it to you which must be lying somewhere in your office.

     Dear Sir more than a year has passed trying to meet you.

Nobody in Pakistan would have struggled so hard to meet you as I have.  I am of the view that you want to bring about a revolution in this important field. My educational work can help you do this gigantic task. I am sorry to say that I don�t see anybody around you who is interested in some revolution in education. No department is taking extraordinary steps which can change education. If the situation remains the same there will be no revolution. History will remember you as a ruler who did take some revolutionary steps in education but could not bring about a revolution.

Zafar Habib

Saleemi Super School Samundri

Distt. Faisalabad


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