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Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s Trial: A Blatant and Brutal Massacre of Justice in Talmud Style!


Dr. Anwar Ul Haque



The Zionists have buried Torah and invented the worlds most racist book as their principal guidebook called Talmud. This book defies all principles and fundamentals of humanity and justice. It makes it kosher for the Jews to slaughter all non Jews and to commit all types of crimes against non Jews whom they call gentile meaning bastard. At least Muslims are not bastards to any extent. The Hebrew dictionary labels infantile mental retardation as cretinism giving meaning “Jesus like!” While the fact is that the Jesus was the cutest and the wisest child ever born as he freed his virgin mother from all sorts of child care chores and gave her all free time to worship Allah (The God) alone. This was fulfillment of second prayer of Maryam’s (Mary) mother. Haivng child without husband and without touching of any male was the first accepted prayer which freed her from serving husband. The Zionist law did not punish Sharon fir killing 3500 armless women and children in Shatilla and Sabira refugee camps. The recent trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, one of the most brilliant human beings and the most caring one in USS again painfully revealed how the USA justice system is in the palms of the Zionists and how jury can be badly brainwashed and influenced.


Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s trial in USA court again reveals serious problems and shortcomings of USA judicial system. This is not the first time in the history of United States where common man on the street as well as the highly qualified and upright lawyers got totally frustrated and dejected over the verdicts which in their honest view amounted to blatant and brutal massacre of justice.


At times the verdict of the court led to widespread protests and violent reactions leading to retrial of the case. At other times the defense lawyer openly described the verdict as the “Worst massacre of justice in the history of United States”! The latter proclamation occurred after the sentencing of innocent driver Salameh who was framed by his boss Josie Hadas. Salameh was a Muslim of Palestine origin. He was jobless so when he was offered a job of driver he gladly accepted it. His boss was underhand Israeli Mossad agent. He was unaware of her ill intentions. One day she ordered him to rent a Ryder van for her which he did. He handed over the van and the keys to his boss. After a few days she told Salameh that the van was stolen. Poor guy extremely worried as he had rented the van in his name. He went to the New York Police and filed the theft report. He informed the company and demanded the refund of his deposited money as the van was insured. The company per theft policy returned only half the money. While he was in the bus to come back to his job, he was arrested and is still in jail with maximum restrictions. Mr. Salameh was unaware who stole the van and for what purpose? He was not aware that his boss Josie Hadas has used the van to carry out a blast at World Trade Center; several years before notorious 9/11! Interestingly Salameh has put the phone number of his boss in the rental agreement. The New York police traced the apartment of Josie Hadas from her number and opened her apartment. They found the bomb drawing and bomb material in her apartment. The CNN breaking news showed all this; as it was not aware that she was an Israeli Mossad agent. However later her name bafflingly disappeared as she mysteriously went to Israel where she is living comfortably after killing five innocent Americans and putting the blame on Islam and Muslims thus killing several birds with one stone. Not only young Mr. Salameh is behind the jail from that time but also the entire Islam and all Muslims are held hostage by the powerful Zionist media and Zionist web on American Government.


The Jury was brainwashed to the extent that “since the crime is so heinous  that even if there is 1% chance that Mr. Salameh could be involved he must be punished”. His State provided lawyer rightly said that in all such cases benefit of doubt is given. The principle of justice is that you are innocent unless proven guilty; but in this case the principle was reversed 180 degree that you are guilty unless you prove that under no circumstance you could be involved. Under 1% suspicion all people present close to the site of blast come and hence they all be put behind bar for ever. The lawyer said that “It was the worst massacre of justice in the history of United States”! However even the greater massacre of Justice has occurred.


There were many questions about the trial:

1)      The Judge was a known Zionist with very strong anti Muslim and pro Israeli sentiments and mental framework

2)      Dr. Aafia has no trust in her at all

3)      He associated all acts of Afghan and Iraqi Muslims fighting to regain the independence of their countries with Aafia

4)      He did not do any thing to stop ongoing violence and strip searches of Dr. Aafia in maximum security imprisonment

5)      He seemed to enjoy the brutalities against a helpless frail women not too dissimilar to the Zionist enjoyment over 9/11 and killings of innocent children and women in Gaza and in Shatilla and Sabra camps

6)      The judge brainwashed the jury giving an impression that if jury released Dr. Aafia, the Americans sacrifices of lives of its soldiers (On whims and orders of the Zionist mafia controlling USA Government) will be wasted and thus all “sacrifices” of Americans will go down the drain! After all poor Americans are doing all this to satisfy the lust of the underground Zionist controlled drug mafia which is shipping truckloads of heroin from Afghanistan.

7)      The judge did not bring the issues of illegal detention of Dr. Aafia and her three terrorist children, Ahmad 7 years, Maryam 2 ½ years and Salaman 6 months of age.

8)      The Judge did not raise the issue of abducting of Dr. Aafia along with all her three terrorist children with active collaboration of Pervaiz Musharraf and Faisal Saleh Hayat

9)      The Jude did not raise the issue of firing and critically injuring frail an fragile woman. The injury required surgery and blood transfusion.

10)  The judge did not raise the question of role of American Embassy in Pakistan in aiding the heinous crimes against four innocent human beings.


It is as clear and manifest as rising and shining sun that all those who opposed the uncalled for attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were and are the real friends of USA as opposed to those who carried out 9/11 and then used the inhuman act as a justification to attack Afghanistan in manner similar to the hoax of weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq. These attacks have led to the destruction of USA and European economies while the only beneficiaries are the Zionists who orders point blank to USA to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. The Zionists are consuming USA and European resources to attain their material objectives. They are like single eye anti Christ “Dajjal” whose one eye of human and ethical values is totally shut while the other eye of materialism and greed is wide open.


Dr. Aafia’s real crime was her love and care for the common Americans as she wanted to save them from both hells i.e. hell of this and that world. She was very impressed with the common Americans who imparted her education. She wanted to reciprocate that with the love and affection. She distributed 30,000 copies of Quran-e-Majeed among Americans which of course could not have been tolerated by the Zionists whose total war is against Quran. They are not leaving any stone unturned against Quran which is the biggest obstacle in their exploitation of common people. Dr. Aafia stood taller than Himalaya and mightier than Atlantic when she simple and candidly descried her guilt version from Israel. This is the biggest and total truth which has, I ma sure, not   shaken Judge Berman but also Israel and all Zionist forces on earth. The sunshine of truth will pierce the darkness of injustice, arrogance and deception. This sunshine will Insha Allah liberate USA and Europe from the shackles of Zionism and its arrogance and racism. This will be the biggest contribution of Dr. Aafia, a frail lady who is taller than Himalaya and mightier than Atlantic!



Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad 44000

Phone: 03335129849

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