"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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below are the original words of osama bin laden .he said them elsewhere too but in one interview he made these words immortal .read them and cry over our pathetic little lives defending our pathetic kufar or munafiq homelands while doing nothing at all for islam..



osama said


"I am son of a very rich father,i could have spent my life in great luxury in europe or america like many other wealthy saudis and muslims do.Instead i took up arms and headed for the mountains of afghanistan

was it personal interest that drove me to spend each moment of my life under shadow of death? No!!! I was merely discharging a religious obligation by waging jihad against those who attacked islam and muslims.It does not matter if i die in course of fulfilling this responsibility;my death and death of others like me will one day inshalah awaken millions of muslims from apathy.....


.osama in his above message said nothing but the truth,he was a billionire.could have easily retired after soviet era afghan jihad and become like modern aalims and start doing lectures in united states and spending time of luxury there.but he did not stop and he did not fall for love of this temporary and deceiving world .

When osama  saw that america is even bigger enemy of islam than soviets were,he continued his jihad .he left afghanistan for some period too and went to sudan etc  for a while but than his mother saw prophet salallahu alihe wasallum in dream and in dream   He  urged her to tell osama to go back to afghanistan,than osama headed back to afghanistan at once.

there began the legendary story of afghan jihad after 2001 when taliban and alqaeda for first time after 1000 years managed to make a sizeable group of muslims who can do jihad against infidels alone without any support. all worlds kufar and munafiqeen (pakistan included) fought against osama and his group of mujahideen .so situation was that osama and his mujahideen were alone fighting under banner of allah and islam while all the worlds kufar and munafiq muslims including  pakistanis fought against these mujahideen .this is a big thing to fight against all the world combined against you in banner of satan.osama did this unbelieveable task!

remember that a hadeeth tells us that when mehdi will emerge he also will fight against all the world.meaning all the world will join against him in fight as all the world will be under banner of kufer or munafiqat than…(ofcourse than too in mehdis era the pakistani nation will fight against mujahideen,as it is this nations destiny it seems)



on other time osama said that martyrdom is my biggest dream and my martyrdom will create more osama bin ladens.

he had also said that americans wont ever capture me alive....if they get my dead body its no victory for them.




osama was very true .he did wake up more muslims  than anyone else did in last thousand years or so. i a m sure  by killing osama bin laden pakistani nation has marked a red circle around all the worlds mujahideen from palestine to burma are cursing pakistan in their every prayer,so sooner or later the soil of pakistan where osamas blood fell will have to pay a very heavy price due  to some sort of  azaab from allah .lets see how this azaab strikes and when.allahs knows best.


Deviant pakistani pseudo scholars like majeed nizami ,aslam baig ,hameed gul and hafiz saeed who worship pakistans anti islam army will still claim that pakistan is allahs noor and it will never get azaab and blah blah…but these people cant stop this azaab from pakistan now as they will also be included in this azaab I am sure…these deviants worship general kyani more than they worship their allah ,that’s why for love of their anti islam army these pseudo scholars always damaged islam.these pseudo scholars have always tried to do false propoganda that mujahideen work for CIA and india...while the fact is that these pseudo scholars worship their army and their army,s qadiani generals ,who work under pay for CIA ,MOSSAD AND INDIA.


osama,s name will be written among islams greatest heroes and mujahideen one yusuf bin tashfeen and salahuldin ayubi.and pakistani generals and pseudo scholars and army guys and politicians  name will be written along side meer jaafer and meer qasim i swear by name of allah this will inshalah happen soon.people will spit on the name of these pakistanis for eternity .


let the dust settle a bit you people will see the truth of my words,soon america will be destroyed than pakistani nation who worships america will have no pseudo satanic god like america to worship.

someone was asking why pakistani nation who is supposed to be islamic hates mujahideen so much.the answer is that people here were never by heart muslims,they worship their rulers and army more than they worship allah .and their rulers and army are anti islam.


also  some deviant sects like grave worshipping sect that is majority in india pakistan and a sect which abuses sahaba that is in majority in sindh,seraiki area  and gilgit etc ,they will never support mujahideen like osama as these sects are against basic teachings of islam anyway.





have heard from some american sources that just like israelis bury the bodies of muslim mujahideen with pig parts on them similarly american troops disrespected osama,s body by stuffing pig parts on it....this news has been sent to me by one or two sources if some other brother has more info please share.

may allah destroy the americans,may allah destroy nato and their other allies.may allah destroy paki army people who serve americans and kufer always.may allah destroy people who are faithful to this taghut army ,may allah destroy and send azaab on all so called muslims who support americans actions or help them in whatever capacity may allah destroy people (kufar or muslims) who are happy on mujahideens death.may allah send humilation on them and destruction from sky and may allah never let them repent before death and may allah burn them in eternal hell fire
inshalah amen

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