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The Ajmal Qaseb (=a only Live !!) was bring from Nepal
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Which type of Nation is this India !!??
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In My view Pakistan Deserved all Hi -Tech ,Sophisticated weapons
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The hot point of 26/11 Mumbai terror !!?? and Indian Hindu intelligences =IB,RAW & Brahminists National wide terror design !!??

(1) The Ajmal Qaseb (=a only Live !!) was bring from Nepal (Neighboring country of india ) =he captured by Nepali Intelligences=Nepali forces , in august 2008 it self !! he was not involved in 26/11 terror attack ,he was plotted by Hindu Intelligence =IB =RAW !! and see the Indian government level =Brain , corruption they put this man in front of Interpol ,UNODC ,UNSC ,UNGA ,FBI ,DHS !!?? He = Ajmal Qaseb was gifted by King of Nepal to IB =intelligence Bureau of india =RAW , Hindu intelligence=India to rise at International level ,

(2) he was not among terrorist those did 26/11 terror activity , the terrorist those did this operation all killed he = Ajmal Qaseb and one more was not among them who 26/11 terrorist activity ,

(3) IB =intelligence Bureau of india =RAW , used this 26/11 to kill , Hemant Karkare =ATS=Anti terrorist Squad Chief Maharastra government ,India , as his work was against IB=RAW Old going on polices from past 1947 to till now !!??

(4) IB =RAW = Hindu intelligences plotted Real drama =CST-Cama hospital and Rangbhavan lane , to kill Hemant Karkare by use of Local Hindu Police . it was directed , scripted , choreographed and executed jointly by Brahminists , involved in National wide terror plots , and there well wishers in IB =RAW =Hindu intelligences , b�se , Hemant Karkare =ATS Chief was only person who open the Hindu terror network at nation ,world level which was not liked by all Hindus , Brahminists , and IB,RAW !! As IB ,RAW is having maximum Jain , Brahmin only at tops posts and officials posts =99% posts !!??

(5) The maximum Bomb blasts in India from 1990 to till now =2009 15th November
done by Hindu terror groups only , 98% Bomb blasts done by Hindu terror net work only , there is no Muslims terrorism in India actually !!?? except Jammu and Kashmir cases =50% and Kandahar episode !!??
(6) At Nanded bomb blast (5 April 2006) ,some Brahminists were killed as they are assembling exploded to plan to kill Indian Muslims , at there mosque ,there markets and to kill Other Indian minorities !!??

I read summery of Book= Who Killed Karkare? The real face of terrorism in India by S.M. Mushrif [Former, IG Police, Government of Maharastra ,India ]
= ( Hemant Karkare =ATS=Anti terrorist Squad Chief Maharastra government ,India ), Publisher = Pharos Media ) New Delhi , Price= 300 Indian rupees =25$ , Pages =319 ,
ISBN-10: 81-7221-036-1; ISBN-13: 978-81-7221-036-6 ,Year: 2009

Table of Contents of Book
I: Hindu-Muslim riots

II: Switching gears � from Communalism to the bogey of �Muslim terrorism�

III: Bomb blast investigations

i) Mumbai Train bomb blast case of 2006 (11 July 2006)

ii) Malegaon bomb blast case (8 September 2006)

iii) Ahmedabad bomb blasts & Surat unexploded bombs (26 July 2008)

iv) Delhi bomb blast 2008 (13 September 2008)

v) Samjhauta Express bomb blast case (19 February 2007)

vi) Hyderabad Mecca Masjid Blast (18 May 2007)

vii) Ajmer Sharif Dargah Blast (11 October 2007)

viii) Serial Blasts in U.P. courts (23 November 2007)

ix) Jaipur Blasts (13 May 2008)

IV: Nanded bomb blast (5 April 2006)

V: Malegaon Bomb Blast 2008

VI: Who Killed Karkare?
Part I: The Brahminist elements in the IB and in the Naval Intelligence Directorate deliberately blocked the hot intelligence given by the U.S. and the RAW
Part II: 16 CCTVs at the CST were tampered with
Part III: The �terrorists� at CST used SIM cards which had Satara connections
Part IV: Out of the 284 calls received by the terrorists from their handlers in Pakistan by using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology), not a single call was received by Kasab and Ismail Khan
Part V: The Terrorists spoke fluent Marathi
Part VI: Out of 46 persons killed at CST, 22 were Muslims
Part VII: Karkare led to the trap
Part VIII: Ajmal Kasab was arrested in Kathmandu (Nepal) before 2006 by Indian agencies
Part IX: Much-publicised photograph of Ajmal Kasab
Part X: A woman witness forcibly taken to the U.S. for interrogation and recording her statement, but she did not budge
Part XI: Holes galore in the Mumbai Crime Branch story
A) The timing of firing at CST-CAMA
B) The number of terrorists at CST
C) The exit of the terrorists from the CST
D) The �Skoda� theory
E) The number of terrorists killed in the Girgaum Chowpatty
An alternative theory of Mumbai terror attack
I) The mystery of taxi blasts at Vile Parle and Wadi Bundar
II) An offence under the Official Secrets Act
III) The government�s anxiety to keep the Pradhan Panel report under wraps � the selective leakage of the report is a red herring
Perfect case for reinvestigation
VII: The Investigation of the Mumbai Attack case
VIII: Malegaon blast case of 2008 � Post-Mumbai attack investigation
Abhinav Bharat
Bhonsala Military School
Akanksha Resort
�Mithun Chakravorty�

Many suspects spared: Himani Savarkar, VHP leader Praveen Togadia, Three �VHP leaders� from Gujarat, A top Delhi-based leader of VHP, Dr. Sharad Kunte, Prof. Deo, Shamrao Apte, Two �well-known historians� from Pune, Milind Ekbote, former BJP Corporator, Pune , Jayant Chitale, Retd. Col
Wider network ignored
MCOCA not for Purohit & Co.
What will happen to Malegaon case next?

IX: Dubious role of Maharashtrian Brahminists
Maharashtra, the Hindutva (Brahminist) laboratory
No political leader of Maharashtra dares take on Brahminists
X: The Chargesheet against the IB
XI: Urgent measures needed to save country & society
Annexure A: Important points in respect of the specific intelligence about the Mumbai terror attack
Annexure B: The transcript of the wireless conversation

Map: A sketch of the area which witnessed major terror incidents and Hemant Karkare�s murder

Mr. SM Mushrif is winner of president Medal of Meritorious service he join as IPS Police 1976 ,join as deputy superintend of police , he is brother of politician Hasan Mushrif , he opened the link of Mumbai police commissioner =RS Sharma , And other senior police officers of Mumbai with , master forger Adbul Karim Telgi , =fake stamps case , he taken volunteer retirement in 2005 , and became RTI activist , and he is known as his association with Anna Hazare ,
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