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Apologise Obama

Though I didn’t have much love lost for Bilawal but he has certainly earned my respect for his daring Obama to show courage and apologise to Pakistan for their Salala dirty adventure.  Being challenged by so young a person must have come as a big rude shock to Barack Hussein Obama but Bilawal has spoken for the millions of Pakistanis. And the sooner the U.S. administration realises this the better it would be for it.  They must know and know it clearly that even if the parliament or the Defence Cabinet Committee or the army itself acquiesces to open the NATO supply route the Pakistani nation would not let it happen.  It is more than 1000 kilometers from Karachi to Torkham and not all the King’s men and horses put together can guard it against  the sporadic attacks that are bound to take place.  The only way out for the US cum NATO is to come to terms with the Pakistani nation. They would have to accept their total sovereignty and respect it too. It will have to based upon the age old dictum Respect begets Respect.

They should also realise that the terms would have to be honourable and not necessarily dollar dominated that the Uncle Sam keeps offering so immaturely and haughtily to other nations.  If you want us it shall be on our terms. Or, else --- nice knowing you !!

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


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