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Qaraquls and Maulanas  


Both Qazi Hussain Ahmad  and Syed Munnawar Hassan of JI wear expensive qaraqul (Persian Lamb) caps as part of their normal headgear. Qaraqul fur is said to be obtained by a cruel process of skinning  an aborted unborn lamb of a special breed of sheep in Afghanistan which is butchered  to remove the unborn lamb foetuses  from its womb  to skin it.  Some ulema consider it a cruel and atrocious act to skin the unborn lamb and as such declare wearing of the qaraqul cap haram, especially for offering one’s prayers with it. On account of the same cruel process many European and Western nations have banned sale/purchase of qraqul fur in their countries.


I wonder what the JI maulanas have to say on this account?


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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