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Mitochondria and our health By Dr Ghayur Ayub
Posted By: Ghayyur_Ayub Created On: 20/Aug/2019 Views: 1558 Replies: 0 
A few decades ago, physicists concentrating on subatomic particles revolutionised science and introduced quantum mechanics in physics. In recent decades, the biologists focusing on mitochondria of cell are revolutionising the concept of health. They call mitochondria the power house of the cell. Historically, one theory suggests that mitochondrion was a bacterium that got caught in a eukaryotic ce Click here to read Full Article

Dietary Pyramids by Dr. Ghayur Ayub
Posted By: Ghayyur_Ayub On: 22/Jan/2019 Views:1585 Replies:0 
A single incident in 1955 when President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack practically changed the future dietary pattern of the world. The resultant deliberations on the subject of heart diseases and dietary regimens took the academia by storm. Researchers like pathologist Ansel from Minnesota came up with the theory that heart diseases were linked to saturated fat and cholesterol. His work was Click here to read Full Article
Hidden commands in XP/Vista.....
Posted By: ajnabi On: 20/May/2010 Views:5515 Replies:2 
1- Private Character Editor -This program is for designing icons and Characters(Alphapet ) Click :start Then :run type :EUDCEDIT ... and many more Click here to read Full Article
The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now - NYTimes
Posted By: chaudry On: 25/Jan/2010 Views:7620 Replies:0 
In December, Facebook made a series of bold and controversial changes regarding the nature of its users' privacy on the social networking site. The company once known for protecting privacy to the point of exclusivity (it began its days as a network for college kids only - no one else even had acces Click here to read Full Article
Mozilla Endorses Bing Over Google Privacy Issues
Posted By: Noman On: 14/Jan/2010 Views:6813 Replies:2 
During the interview, Schmidt was asked: "People are treating Google like their most trusted friend...should they be?" It was Schmidt's answer that motivated Dotzler to show users how to drop Google, Firefox's default search engine, for rival Bing. Click here to read Full Article
The dark side of the internet
Posted By: Noman On: 4/Jan/2010 Views:5355 Replies:0 
Fourteen years ago, a pasty Irish teenager with a flair for inventions arrived at Edinburgh University to study artificial intelligence and computer science. For his thesis project, Ian Clarke created "a Distributed, Decentralised Information Click here to read Full Article
ISLAM Web 2.0 - NexT Generation Islamic Toolbar
Posted By: Abrar_Hasan On: 29/Jun/2009 Views:7466 Replies:2 
I'm pleased to announce the release of the Next Generation Islamic Toolbar - Islam Web 2.0 for all the members of this group..... THIS IS THE BEST TOOLBAR EVER MADE!!! WITH THIS LITTLE STRIP OF BROWSER YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE DIGITAL MUSLIM COMMUNITY. Click here to read Full Article
An invention that could change the internet for ever
Posted By: Noman On: 5/May/2009 Views:9107 Replies:1 
The biggest internet revolution for a generation will be unveiled this month with the launch of software that will understand questions and give specific, tailored answers in a way that the web has ne Click here to read Full Article
Scientists receive death threats over -end-of-world- experiment
Posted By: Noman On: 10/Sep/2008 Views:5854 Replies:0 
The scientists behind the world''s biggest ever scientific experiment have received death threats from critics who claim it could cause the end of the world. Experts are attempting to recreate the forc Click here to read Full Article
Possible cure of hi mail virus
Posted By: Noman On: 1/Aug/2008 Views:5861 Replies:0 
if there are mails being sent from your email (hotmail/yahoo) to all of your contact list with out your notice then you should do these things as a possible cure Click here to read Full Article

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