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Media is targeting PML(N) over fake degrees issue
Posted By: Noman On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1387 Replies:0 
I am not speaking in favor of fake degree holders or PML(N) but media is targeting PML(N) which is not correct Click here to read Full Article
مسلم خواتین کا برقعہ اور یورپ ۔ محمد اعظم
Posted By: M.Azam On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1232 Replies:0 
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‘Enough’ by Barrister Amjad Malik
Posted By: Amjad_Malik On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1470 Replies:0 
Every day one gets to read stories about Pakistan where personalities are perceived higher than the institutions and the state contrary to the spirit of constitution 1973 (Art.5). Yesterday General Musharraf was considered as indispensible, and he stuck to the Army chief position for nearly 9 years, as none was replaced as required by law. Same is the case put forward by Govt wooing Kiyani, a nobl Click here to read Full Article
ہاری ہوئی فوج اور اسکے کارنامے ۔ محمد وجیھہ السماء
Posted By: waji On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1069 Replies:0 
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مظلوم کو انصاف کب ملے گا ؟ ڈاکٹر عصمت حیات علوی
Posted By: dr._asmat_hayat_alvi On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1035 Replies:0 
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Global Shame: Can the Aggressors be Peacemakers? by Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.
Posted By: Mahboob_Khawaja On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1344 Replies:0 
Wars are planned and orchestrated by the few, the privileged ruling elite, the humanity becomes the targeted victims of the few for global hegemonic governance. Throughout the ages, the conscientious mankind searched for ways to undo the war and strive for peace, the real aim for the establishments of international institutions. But now the global institutional capacity to deal with peace and Click here to read Full Article
انجام کی جانب بڑھتے گروہ ۔ اوریا مقبول جان
Posted By: Orya On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1160 Replies:0 
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میڈیا اور عدلیہ ۔ ڈاکٹر صفدر محمود
Posted By: Jang On: 21/Jul/2010 Views:1194 Replies:0 
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