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Pakistan no more taken for granted by USA by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1469 Replies:0 
There is no denying the fact that Pakistan suffered from leadership crisis after the untimely death of Quaid-e-Azam in September 1948. All those who held the reins of power after Quaid and Liaquat Ali Khan were selfish, power hungry, morally weak and pro-American. With feet of clay, they failed to build Pakistan as a modern, progressive Islamic welfare state as envisioned by the founder leader. Ho Click here to read Full Article
اللہ کاانعام ۔ ۔ ۔ معافی ۔ سمیع اللہ ملک
Posted By: Sami_Malik On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1168 Replies:0 
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حریص منصب حریص زر تھے ۔ محمداحمدترازی
Posted By: tarazi On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1285 Replies:0 
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بچوں کے ساتھ اساتذہ کابھی خیال کیاجائے۔امتیازعلی
Posted By: ImtiazAli On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1832 Replies:0 
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فنکار ۔ قاسم علی
Posted By: QasimAli On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1206 Replies:0 
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صحافت اور صحافیوں پر یلغار ۔ عرفان طاہر
Posted By: Irfan.T On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1140 Replies:0 
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جعلساز ۔ امتیازعلی شاکر
Posted By: ImtiazAli On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1388 Replies:0 
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Pakistan Navy will be handed over 4th F-22 P Frigate in April 2013 by Zaheerul Hassan
Posted By: Zaheer On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1460 Replies:0 
Handing over two pusher tugs on Tuesday, Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KS&EW) is all set to deliver to Pakistan Navy the 4th F-22 P Frigate PNS ASLAT next month. Click here to read Full Article
Disciple of Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan Murdered by Nasim Yousaf
Posted By: Infomashriqi On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1536 Replies:0 
The death of Miss Parveen Rehman is a great loss for us all. She was carrying forward Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan’s mission to improve the lives of the underprivileged and neglected. It hurts me to hear that her life has been taken away by heartless people. Click here to read Full Article
Is Pakistan a failed state? by Tariq A. Al-Maeena
Posted By: TARIQA On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1622 Replies:0 
As the country that was once referred to by Joe Biden during the 2008 US presidential campaign as a "dangerous" state, Pakistan has been fighting back against such undeserved allegations.In the foreign media, the portrayal of Pakistan has been anything but pleasant. There is plenty to buttress the feeling that the country is indeed sinking into a deeper mess. Critics cite in particular the viol Click here to read Full Article
3 Pakistan captains failed but SA captain sailed. by Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
Posted By: Iqbal_Hadi_Zaidi On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:2510 Replies:0 
New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg was the venue for 3rd One day where yesterday Sunday 17th March, 2013 Pakistan lost to South Africa with a margin of 34 runs which is shocking but what could we do when we play so irresponsible game and too that when the things are already against us.Undoubtedly only one team is to win and not both but it does not give us a license to be defeated in each match Click here to read Full Article
Mashoor e alam-M M Alam by Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
Posted By: Iqbal_Hadi_Zaidi On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1066 Replies:0 
It is nothing a divine law that from the day 1st human was born none is eternal and therefore anyone who is born will eventually die if not today then tomorrow and there is no exception to it whatsoever but my question is very simple as to how many are remembered and by whom and where once they die. Click here to read Full Article
Air Commodore M.M.Alam (1935-2013) – A Tribute by Brig. (R) Usman Khalid
Posted By: Usman_Khalid On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1241 Replies:0 
This is the third time I am writing a tribute for a departed friend. The first time it was the death of an icon – Mr Justice Safdar Shah – when I wrote under the title of ‘Death of Hope’. The legal fraternity did not rise up against General Zia ul Haq at that time in response to the call of Mr Justice Safdar Shah. But it did rise to the occasion in 2007-2009 when General Musharraf dismissed the Ch Click here to read Full Article
Pakistan in Search of New Future by Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD
Posted By: Mahboob_Khawaja On: 20/Mar/2013 Views:1060 Replies:0 
Pakistan is at critical crossroads. Its moral, intellectual and socio-economic and political capacity and lifelines are undermined by its own wicked rulers. If there were any educated, honest and intelligent political leaders of vision and integrity, they would worry about its present and future and try to pursue a navigational Change. Could the THINKING PEOPLE of Pakistan reverse the course of j Click here to read Full Article

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