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Pakistan's Major Air Tragedy by COL DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1536 Replies:0 
It is indeed very sorrowful that Pakistan has been experiencing cruelly bad time for quite some time now. As if the NATO terror attacks, including drone terrorism, taking the lives of thousands of Muslims during their continuing occupation, were not enough, the recent avalanche crushing many Pakistanis in Siachen glacier has caused severe problems of Pakistan and its security. Click here to read Full Article
Attacks on Kabul by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1602 Replies:0 
After the September 13, 2011 deadly attacks in Kabul by the Taliban the capital was once again under blazing fire of the Taliban on the afternoon of April 15. The Taliban managed to penetrate rings of security cordons around the city protected as high security zone and hit the heartland with impunity. Waves of well-coordinated attacks were launched on heavily fortified US, German, British and Click here to read Full Article
Jup News 21-04-2012
Posted By: JUPAkbar On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1411 Replies:0 
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News 21-04-2012 by Muhammad Ibtasam-ul-Haq
Posted By: Ibtasam On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1644 Replies:0 
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رحم یا اللہ رحم ! مدثر فیضی
Posted By: Mudassar_Faizi On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1635 Replies:0 
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بد قسمت بھوجا ائیر لائن ۔ محمداعظم
Posted By: M.Azam On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1504 Replies:0 
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سانحہ کورال ۔ سلیم عثمانی
Posted By: SaleemU On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1946 Replies:0 
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Rashidabad Documentary
Posted By: nrqazi On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:2037 Replies:0 
Rashidabad is a project conceived and accomplished by Air Cdr (Retd) Shabbir A Khan after his only son died in a PAF aircraft crash while saving it from crashing into civil areas. Click here to read Full Article
Renewal of Resistance by Ahmad Kashmiri
Posted By: AHMAD_KASHMIRI On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:3087 Replies:0 
Everybody knows about the mood and reward of Masterji- America that denied issuing visa to the tallest and towering personality of Kashmiri Muslims and the frontline Hurriat leader and chairman of Hurriat conference octogenarian leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani when he was supposed to visit America for treatment a few years back and recently it came up with its verdict on, cheman ka ek deedawer, Click here to read Full Article
28 Belgians proved better than 127 Pakistanis by Iqbal Hadi Zaidi
Posted By: Iqbal_Hadi_Zaidi On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:2360 Replies:0 
Before I bow my head in shame, I offer my heartfelt condolences to the families of all those who died in the tragic air crash of Bhoja Airlines which crashed yesterday (Fri 20th April, 2012) evening near Islamabad. I pray the departed souls rest in peace, aameen.I am ashamed rather awfully ashamed to the extent that I simply cannot even explain what happened but under the given situation I as an Click here to read Full Article
ہزارہ قتل عام (آخری قسط)۔ اوریا مقبول جان
Posted By: Orya On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1469 Replies:0 
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جارحیت کے سائے ۔ ڈاکٹر صفدر محمود
Posted By: DrSafdar On: 21/Apr/2012 Views:1415 Replies:0 
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