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خاک چمکتی ہے ۔ شاہ فیصل نعیم
Posted By: ShahFaisal On: 19/May/2015 Views:1398 Replies:0 
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India and China ink economic agreements, UN veto and border dispute in cold storage! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 19/May/2015 Views:945 Replies:0 
Ever since India embarked upon linearization and excessive privatization by selling pubic wealth to corporates two decades ago under Congress rule, the major thrust of Indian foreign adventures has been obtaining a veto handle on discredited UNSC, alongside economic deals. All these years India pursued it covertly but now the BJP seems to have taken the lead to overtly advance India’s interests. Click here to read Full Article
Iran to protect oppressed people in West Asia! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 19/May/2015 Views:893 Replies:0 
As Saudi led coalition is waging a bloody war in a weak Arab nation Yemen, already killing Arabs, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said recently that Iran will help oppressed people in the region as much as it can, ratcheting up his rhetoric against regional rival Saudi Arabia. Khamenei said in an address to Iranian leaders and diplomats from the Islamic world that Yemen, Bahrain an Click here to read Full Article
Breaking news: World's perception of India has changed: Indian PM Modi in South Korea for economic deals! by Dr. Abdul Ruff
Posted By: abdulruff On: 19/May/2015 Views:944 Replies:0 
After visiting China and Mongolia as part of his 3 nation tour, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in Seoul, South Korea on 18 May t leg of his latest diplomatic sojourn. His discussions with the South Korean leadership will be focused on boosting economic and trade cooperation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Seoul National Cemetery today. He arrived earlier in the day Click here to read Full Article
Anti-liquor movement gains momentum in Tamil Nadu against will of government by Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Posted By: abdulruff On: 19/May/2015 Views:975 Replies:0 
Liquor is considered to be the root cause for minor crimes in the society as it also plays a major role in the atrocities against women in public places. Above all, it has been destroying vital human resources, one of the major assets of the nation, he said and added that his relentless fight against this evil (liquor) will resume shortly in a different way. Unfortunately, the elected governments Click here to read Full Article

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