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Gujranwala News 06-06-2012
Posted By: HafizAmin On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1478 Replies:0 
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خدا رکھے میرے ساقی کا میخانا آباد۔حسین الرحمٰن
Posted By: Haseen On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1946 Replies:0 
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کاتب وحی۔حضرت امیر معاویہ ۔ علامہ پیر محمد تبسم
Posted By: MuhammadYaqoob On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1592 Replies:0 
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کراچی کے بگڑتے حالات۔خوفزدہ عوام ۔ محمداعظم
Posted By: M.Azam On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1306 Replies:0 
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شاباش شیرو شاباش ۔ مدثر فیضی
Posted By: Mudassar_Faizi On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1518 Replies:0 
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Pakistan sailing in choppy waters by Asif Haroon Raja
Posted By: Asif_Haroon_Raja On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1807 Replies:0 
The ship of Pakistan is sailing through choppy waters for over a decade and so far the safe shore is nowhere in sight because the captain of the ship and his crew members neither have the capability or the will to steer the ship to safety. Almost all parts of the ship have got damaged and water has started to gush in from several gaping holes but the steward is unconcerned. Equipped with safety Click here to read Full Article
Permanent strains in US-Pakistan ties-1 by DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1422 Replies:0 
Until recently and for many years since Sept-11 hoax, Pakistani soil served as safe sanctuary, on payment basis, for the NATO state terrorists for advancing their joint objectives. NATO terrorists occupy and terrorize both Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing Muslims in millions, but they just fool the world by saying these people are terrorists. After their joint terror attack on Pakistanis, the NA Click here to read Full Article
A Judge and the Son: by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
Posted By: Riaz On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1318 Replies:0 
Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Ch has embarked on a path that not many in the annals of the entire history of the mankind have dared to tread upon. He has taken suo-moto notice of the allegations making rounds against his own very son Arsalan Chaudhry. The hardest part of the melodrama is that the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan would himself be heading the bench hearing the allegations again Click here to read Full Article
Siachen Sector- Lt Col Tanveer Shaheed Dead body Found by Zaheerul Hassan
Posted By: Zaheer On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:2494 Replies:0 
After colossal efforts of two months brave and courageous soldiers of Pakistan Army rescued dead the body Lt Col Tanveer ul Hassan, Commanding Officer of Six Northern Light Infantry Battalion. Earlier too, the dead bodies of six soldiers including Maj Zaka ul Haq have been recovered by the troops participating in the relief and rescued operation at Gayari sector of Siachen. The incident occurr Click here to read Full Article
Indian Leadership Crisis: P. Chidambaram to become premier or president? by DR. ABDUL RUFF
Posted By: abdulruff On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1603 Replies:0 
Incumbent Indian premier Manmohan Singh maybe a nice guy but he is tired and ineffective, unable to control the government, leaving the regime/nation’s fate to every minister and ministry to play the way they like and loot. As a non-performer, Manmohan cannot continue in office for ever just because he has an innocent look and is lucky to survive for 8 long years. Likewise, Madam Pratibha Patil an Click here to read Full Article
تین ہزار سالہ روایات ، تہزیب ،قوم ۔ اوریامقبول جان
Posted By: Orya On: 6/Jun/2012 Views:1453 Replies:0 
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