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Energy Crisis


The following letter was sent to the then PM SYR Gillani, which seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. May be the PM in the  making MNS happens to read it and takes the measures suggested in it to deliver what he and his younger brother has been promising to the nation:


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


H'able Makhdoom Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani Sb.

(Please read now:  Mian Nawaz Shareef)



You may be aware that the electricity load shedding has brought the country to the brink of abyss. The writing on the wall is there for everybody to read and take immediate, repeat immediate, drastic and emergent steps, before the situation explodes to a point of no return. In fact, the country has now reached a defining moment. 


In this regard, now as all powerful Prime Minister, it is high time that you may take personal charge of the looming crisis.


For your consideration, I take this opportunity to submit the following proposals to stem the rot of the current electricity crisis of Pakistan. 


1. Impose total country-wide ban on use of air-conditioners in all official, public and  private offices and residences ( which includes the offices and residences of the President, P.M, Governors, C.M's and state guest houses with no exceptions, even for the foreign guests). We should not forget that in 60's Indian government imposed a nation-wide ban on serving of dinner, to meet the severe food shortage. 


2. Order, closure (strictly) of all shops and offices after 6 P.M. Remember, every Watt saved is Watt generated.  


 3. Order prohibition of every type of decorative lighting in the country. 


 4. All TV channel transmissions and cable services must be ordered to be closed at 9 P.M. through out the country. 



5. The services of Police, Rangers, F.C and Armed Forces may be acquired to detect and permanently disconnect, the electricity connection of all those premises, who are getting electricity through illegal means. These premises, under no circumstances, be allowed electricity connection in future. Remember, there is more than 30% (latest NEPRA losses figures are at 40%) electricity theft in the country and civilian agencies can never overcome this problem. 



6. Order, immediate one hour advancement of clocks and five days working in a week. 



7. Order, immediate maximum facilitation to all and sundry, installing and using Solar energy at their premises, like as in India, bank loans are given for Solar energy at 4% interest rates. Our customs department charges tax on one pretext or the other, on Solar energy equipments, although the government has declared it as tax free. This matter should be resolved once forever.



 Wishing you all the success, in your endeavours to serve the country, in a manner to be remembered in the annuls of the history.


Na Samgho Gay To Mit Jao Gay Aay Pakistan Walo,

Tumharey Datan Tak Na Ho Gy Dastano mein.




Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

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