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Most dangerous trick of Mush "“ a threat to mortgage Pakistan

Fascist never concede its defeat, reconciliation word is not available in his dictionary, who tries to torn system in his favor by using any means. Current blow of election results first time pushed dictator on his back feet, notorious players around him to legitimize his barbaric rule for next five years are trying hard to search means which could null and void supremacy of parliament for ever.

In this connection entire factory of anti Pakistan conspirator's is sitting at presidency to find a solution against democratic government, which still in progress without any authority handed over to them. Latest statement of Gen. Kiyani, Ch: Shujaat's regarding clause 58 2b, Ch: Pervez Elahi's statement that Chaudhri's are faithful to Mush like dog are one side and major supervisors of conspirator factory like Shariff ud Din Pirzada, Waseem Sajjad, S.M. Zaffar, Mushahid Husain, Qayyum Malik and some top bureaucrats on other side are trying hard to sabotage elections 2008, trying to repeat 1970's post election blunders.

Weaknesses of Mush in post-election scenario:

 It is universal fact that humans are coward by nature, in a sense if by chance a notorious dacoit or wicked may die, ordinary peoples afraid to move near his dead body, same as Mush is nothing except a jackal wearing lions skin, only problem is within those elements who have weaknesses and are afraid to face him, fearing Mush could manipulate with their weaknesses, more over there are some hypocrites in political parties who want to sabotage democratic process. Main issue is restoration of Judiciary, it is fact that Asif Zardari and Mian Nawaz Shariff are playing their cards very well, and others who are finding no way out are trying to create problems. Media says that Zardari is afraid of NRO, CJ who suspended NRO might reverse benefits.

A group within PPP like Abdul Latif Khosa advocate are pro-Mush and want to sabotage lawyer's movement, other gangs who successfully implanted lawmakers in PPP such as Imtiaz Alam, whose brother has been elected on PPP's ticket and other Najam Sethi group which succeeded in implanting some members on PPP's ticket including Shahnaz Wazir Ali on women seat, such groups are telling stories against dark sides after restoration of CJ and judiciary etc. Now when coalition is reaching to two third majority and entire world is watching their steps and moves, courage is required to boldly remove feathers of dictator, once for all remove danger, if not practically possible simply by passing resolutions could made him impotent, morally and legally with the strength of parliament, whether it is two third or less.

Coalition government must take daring steps in first instance before conspirator gang may tie their hands such as:

  1. Pass no trust motion against Mush on first instant, challenge his fraudulent elections.
  2. Pass restoration of judges on without fear, otherwise delay of one day could be fatal, employment of present fraud CJ and judges are entirely based on existence of dictatorship.
  3. Pass resolution against PCO and emergency, declare them unconstitutional.
  4. If you may have two third majorities get rid of clause 582b immediately.
  5. Immediately reshuffle bureaucrats and diplomats without fail, don't let run any one out of country. Dr. Atta ur Rahman, Salman Shah, Kamal Shah, Anwar Mahmood, Tariq Aziz and many others are responsible for ruination of country.  
  6. Defense, Interior, Finance and Foreign ministers must be appointed viewing capability to handle prevailing situation. It is very important for the future of the country.

Following suggested resolutions will give an impression that democratic government is weak and it has no powers to tackle internal matters:

Why new government may ask to conduct investigation of murder of BB from UN? It was right when Mush had sole power, now new government can appoint and remove all previous pawns, which have manipulated the case to strengthened Mush, simply remove all investigators and appoint independent one.  

Avoid controversial resolutions like Z.A. Bhutto's case, renaming of NWFP etc for the time being.  

Come to main conspiracy against forthcoming democratic government:

Shireen Mazari's recent article in daily news dated March 8, 2008 is worth worrying, before you may read article think patiently that unexpectedly why Shireen Mazari has started to show patriotism? It is her second consecutive column where she is talking against her overseas lords surprisingly. Her notoriety to represent ISI's written articles is not so old; moreover she is flag bearer of Mush vulgar doctrine and remain committed to war of terror, She was one of those columnists who continuously fingered Pak Army to wage war against civilians, more over now she is disclosing some top secrets which are shaking for entire nation but previously she never disclosed secrets missions, handing over of air force bases, presence of foreign spies, kidnapping of Pakistani citizens etc. It is really suspicious that she has capability to disclose such info or it is implanted on the advice of Mush to harass forthcoming parliament, under the circumstances when water level has been reached to the nose level of Mush, he may want to teach lesson to entire nation, or he may be required to improve his credibility or importance.

In each case Mush himself is responsible for allowing camel in his tent and now camel want to share entire tent. Pakistan is on the path of destruction like it was happened in Iraq, Pak army generals are coward that not a single general out of 150 generals has a capacity to save entire nation from aggression. Their photographic sessions with crusaders in drawing rooms are enough to tell standings of Pak Army.

It will be appreciated if more writers may comment on such dangerous development, whether it is any trick of Mush and why Shireen Mazari leaked Ministry of foreign affairs documents first time in her life, suspiciousness is on her role which she is playing since last eight years otherwise she told BBC's reporter that it is 200 % correct.

Read full story on given link, major parts are as under:  

US yearns for Pak capitulation (08-03-08)

Islamabad rejects new demands By Shireen M Mazari

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has given them bases and logistic support as well as intelligence sharing but what the US is now demanding from Islamabad has shocked the Defence and Foreign Ministries and the initial reaction has been a rejection of what are highly intrusive demands for the US military and auxiliary personnel in Pakistan.

This scribe has learnt of the latest set of 11 demands the US has put to the Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Defence. As one goes down the list of the demands, they become increasingly untenable.

  1. Status that is accorded to the technical and administrative staff of the US embassy.
  2. These personnel be allowed to enter and exit Pakistan on mere National Identification (for example a driving license) that is without any visas.
  3. Pakistan accept the legality of all US licenses, which would include arms licenses. This is followed by the demand that all these personnel be allowed to carry arms and wear uniforms as they wish, across the whole of Pakistan.
  4. US criminal jurisdiction be applicable in Pakistan to US nationals. In other words, these personnel would not be subject to Pakistani law. (It directly undermines our sovereignty). In territories of US allies like Japan, this condition exists in areas where there are US bases and has become a source of major resentment in Japan, especially because there are frequent cases of US soldiers raping Japanese women and getting away with it. In the context of Pakistan, the demand to make the US personnel above the Pakistani law would not be limited to any one part of the country! So the Pakistani citizens will become fair game for US military personnel as well as other auxiliary staff like military contractors.
  5. Exemption from all taxes, including indirect taxes like excise duty, etc.
  6. Inspection free import and export of all goods and materials. So we would not know what they are bringing in or taking out of our country "“ including Gandhara art as well as sensitive materials.
  7. Free movement of vehicles, vessels including aircraft, without landing or parking fees!
  8. Selected US contractors should also be exempted from tax payments.
  9. Free of cost use of US telecommunication systems and using all necessary radio spectrum.
  10. The non-applicability of Pakistani laws for US personnel.
  11. A waiver of all claims to damage, to loss or destruction of others' property, or death to personnel or armed forces or civilians. The US has tried to be smart by not using the word "other" for death but, given the context, clearly it implies that US personnel can maim and kill Pakistanis and destroy our infrastructure and weaponry with impunity.



International Professor

BBC's report on the subject

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