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Shomaila Rana Case



If the footage shown on the Geo TV is to be believed then one has to admire the nerves, the cool confidence and the calm composure of the lady MPA while presenting the allegedly ‘stolen’ credit card and affixing her signatures on the bill on making the purchases. Not an eye blinked nor a finger quivered during the entire episode, which would have made even a three-war hardened soldier like me sweat profusely. If the honourable MPA can be that deft, skilled and expert with a card not belonging to her, then what havoc could not be expected of her playing with the millions of the state funds and other lucrative deals entrusted to her by the nation? Hers is the 5th case bringing ignominy to the party.  When an elderly white bearded Haji MPA can cheat in an examination, when an honourable minister can not only allegedly bypass the customs channels but also manhandle the custom staff on duty, when an honourable minister can misbehave with a lady MPA on the floor of the assembly and when an honourable minister is accused of raping a woman under threat of murdering her, can the image of the politicians and the political parties remain untarnished and clean?  One would not be wrong in assuming that probably these are only a few out of the thousands of cases that have surfaced.  A proverbial tip of the iceberg! How many more must not have gone un-noticed and consequently unpunished. If such are our leaders, do we need foes without.?  Honourable CM Shahbaz Sharif has done well to instruct the police and others in this case to let the law take its own course without any fears or favours.  But would it, is a million dollar question??? 



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