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World Football Cup


The mega event is over and Spain has lifted the coveted cup. What a stupendous spectacle of skills, talent, sportsmanship and discipline it was, not only of the players but of the huge huge throngs of spectators also?! One is amazed at the fool proof and flawless execution of the event and what all not must have gone into  planning and organizing such a world class event ?!! We can only marvel at it enviously. Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that we the 6th most populous nation of the world and the 7th nuclear power are, what to talk of hosting such an event are not even fit enough to qualify and participate in it. What a shame? What do these tiny countries have that we don’t have?  Next, allow me to narrate an anecdote and I dare my countrymen to ponder over it. Before the start of the finals I wished my one Dutch acquaintance luck for the match . Now listen to what he said. “Colonel, thank you for the good wishes and I too wish it happens, but let the best team win, not the luckiest”!! Allah o Akbar. Let the best team win!! These are the people who deserve to live with honour. And, here we are the entire nation praying and prostrating for the victory of our cricket team in a piddling little 20/20 against, say, Bangladesh!! And when our heroes win the match they attribute it thankfully to the merciful  prayers of the nation !!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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