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Association of Pakistani Lawyers, a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, Judges in the UK has taken serious note of the news reports that Rayomnd Davis has been released on 16 March after reaching a reconciliation between the legal heirs of the two deceased Faizan and Faheem.  
APL has shown reservation with the speed with which the matter has been concluded at District Court(s) in Lahore and questioned the ‘free will’ of the legal heirs without the aid of their lawyers.
APL noted that USA in a primary position of power must set right examples on principles promoting rule of law, justice and equality and such hasty arrangements will damage their credibility on their claims of upholding rule of law in the wider world.
APL further demanded the Pakistani govt that all those arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan must be offered due process and equal protection of law, as there are many who are in prisons for years waiting to be tried. The way the matter has been concluded hastily will cast doubt on Govt’s one sided preferential treatment of citizens of United States whereas no such arrangements were in negotiation for quick repatriation of Dr Afia Siddiqui who has been sentenced for 86 years. APL noted that all citizens must be afforded the equal protection of the law irrespective of their race, colour, nationality and financial position, and this arrangement in Raymond’s case will have serious repercussions as it will damage the trust relation of the state with its people and will further weaken if not damage the potential of newborn judiciary to dispense justice when Govt. is unwilling to surrender to it.
Barrister Amjad Malik
Chair & Members of the Executive
Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)

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