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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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The shadow of Dr Arsalan Iftkhar


It is pity that as the graph of Ch Iftkhar is going up in uprightness and honesty, his son Dr Arsalan's position is having a shameful nosedive. Sons betraying fathers is not new in history. Even prophet Noah was betrayed by his son. In that case Noah let his son drown.

According to a news report Dr.Arsalan himself has admitted that he runs a construction and telecommunication business valued at Rs 900 millions. Two questions arise:

  1. How can a government servant indulge in business?.This is against government rules.
  2. How did he become a multimillionaire in a short span of four years? Did he win a lottery or he used his father's position to expand his business so rapidly?
It is high time Chief Justice should dump his son who has given him nothing but disgrace and whose unholy shadow is creeping slowly towards him. It is also hoped that Dr Arsalan's business comes under scrutiny in the Supreme Court. Let this case be an example for others
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