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APL welcomes decision of the Supreme Court in cash for favour allegations case 


Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK) a team of British Pakistani Solicitors, Barristers and judges has welcomed

the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s decision on 14 June on cash for favour allegations of Riaz Malik -vs- Arslan Iftikhar on which earlier a suo moto action was taken by Supreme Court on news reports.


Barrister Amjad Malik, Chair of APL welcomed SC decision and has opined that both parties must be

dealt with according to the law of the land as taking and giving bribe is not only a crime but a sin.


“SC has raised some valid points and it’s about time that press and media of Pakistan root out travellers amongst their ranks, and contribute with the parliament to introduce a regime with consultation of proper representation of both side of media, regulation of it, adjudication any complaints again it and a compensation scheme to remedy the situation in order to address the grievances of the genuine victim of a news in error, or a false scandal. These reforms needs to be introduced on western lines if Pakistani society wishes to protect media freedom from the manipulation of all sides”, said Mr. Malik,



Barrister Amjad Malik, MA, LLM

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