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“We condemn mass graves in Srinagar”

11 July 2012: Association of Pakistani Lawyers, a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, Judges in the UK has taken a serious note of British media reports on ‘enforced disappearances’ and ‘mass graves’ in Indian held Kashmir, and we strongly condemn it.

APL feel that British Media though late but has taken a bold stand to show the other side of the story in Kashmir when UN is quiet on the subject. The International Community must seek compliance with basic human rights of the individuals duly protected by the Geneva Convention 1951 and European Convention on Human Rights 1950 so that Kashmiris are given their due right to protest, express their will, and continue a political activity to demand what is fair for them. Intl community can at least ensure their safety and basic human rights.
We feel that Kashmiris are keeping their struggle alive with their
 sacrifices and activist like Pervez Amroz by exposing 8000 graves/people buried extra judicially are doing a great service to humanity risking their life, livelihood and safety of their families.
We appreciate their work, and commend the unstinted sacrifices of
 Kashmiri people for their cause.  
We demand that a Full report must be commissioned by the UN Human Right Commissioner and depositions must be recorded & must be
shared with the world. A UN reporter on Human Rights abuses
 must be allowed to visit Kashmir and meet the local residents to
 report back their plight. In UK, member of Parliaments are  engaged to raise the subject in House of commons on public demand,
and parliamentary delegations must be allowed to visit occupied
Kashmir to learn more on the atrocities and to end the sufferings in silence. Indigenous Kashmiris around the globe must take lead to expose further the
 attitude of Indian Armed Forces who are trying to nip the political voice with brutal force.  
We express full solidarity with the just cause of Kashmiri people as mandated by United Nation's Resolution. Its sad painful and highly intolerable that international community is keeping quiet on mass grave issue.
 APL looks forward a statement from both British Premier David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister ensuring that a high powered judicial enquiry on the allegation(s) which has substance will be made in a fair, transparent and judicious manner.

Barrister Amjad Malik
Chair & Members of the Executive
Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)

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