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Elections Elections Elections

Hamid Mir summed up his Capital Talk show by saying that they (the panellists) had analysed the problems of Pakistan and the panacea for all of them was elections, elections, and elections.

I beg to disagree.  Who would all do they think shall be given the party tickets for the next and the next thereafter ad infinitum  elections to contest and win?  The same chips of the same block -  Baap nahi tau Beta, Beti nahi tau Bahu, Bhanja nahi tau bhateeja, Chacha nahi tau Mama,  - - - - again ad infinitum. What choice would the poor electorate have except to choose one among from the same luteras?

There will be no change whatsoever and the same professional and hereditary corrupt plunderers will rule over this hapless nation unless some Khomeini or Mao rids them of the gnawing sharks and leeches!

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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