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Dr. Faiz Ahmad of the NUST (NewsPost Aug 3rd) has rather sarcastically tried to ridicule Agha Waqar for the auto water-kit (WK) that the later is trying to find sponsors to produce commercially.  I am sure the learned doctor knows that the water kit is not something new and quite a few of the  US and French kits  are already available in the market. I myself got one fitted for Rs. 25,000/= in my KIA Sportage (Turbo Diesel 2000), but though it worked for the plains it could not build up the required compression for the hills.  On smaller cars it works satisfactorily.  I am also sure that the learned doctor also knows that the vehicle fitted with the WK does not operate only on water but the hydrogen obtained from the water electrolysis is mixed with the fuel – whether diesel or petrol – to run the engine.  That reduces the fuel consumption greatly – even up to 50 percent at optimum working.


Lastly, I am sure the learned doctor has heard of the story that about a century ago a crazy man made a sewing needle with an eye in the front instead of the usual one at the back. Every one – like the learned doctor – scoffed at him but he kept on trying to sew with his needle.  Lo and behold, he invented the modern sewing machine, which revolutionised the entire tailoring industry.


So, Dr. Sahib, please don’t discourage the man just because thousands and thousands of Ph.Ds around the world couldn’t think of such a simple invention. Who knows the day may come when the planes and locomotives apart from the ordinary home power generators might use the Water Kits to run their engines at a fraction of what it costs now and the Ph.Ds have to rewrite the books on thermodynamics!!.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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