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A Happy Augury


A news ticker that might not have caught the attention of many was run by a TV channel that read, “Noor al Ameen Mangal (DCO Lahore) ordered immediate suspension of Dr. Sajid for negligence of duty on receiving complaints against him” (words to that effect).  A happy augury that portends well for the good governance.  Now-a-days one doesn’t come across many officers exercising their powers in censuring their juniors to improve the administration. I was praising Mr. Mangal’s such taking of disciplinary action with a friend of mine who, lo and behold, had something shocking for me on such an episode. “Forget it Jafri, soon some MPA or MNA will come to his rescue and the doctor will not only be reinstated but also given some still more lucrative assignment”.


Mr. Mangal, I pray it doesn’t happen so. You are doing fine. You were again  physically present today at the well where three brothers lost their lives and ordered the arrest of the owner of the well. I hope the people over you let you perform your duties DUTIFULLY – a word alien to many in our civil administration.


Mr. Mangal, I am sure you heard of the phrase , “To catch a thief set a thief”. There are far too many “thieves” around. Though it is not impossible for a determined person to catch them all but it is certainly an uphill task. Why not set a thief to catch a thief?  The immediate superior officer of a defaulting official should also be held responsible for the acts of omission and the commission of his subordinate. This way all seniors shall take care of their juniors.  Such close supervision by the immediate superiors over their juniors will certainly yield the desired results.


God be with you.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) 

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