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The Young Governor


It was a pleasure watching on the TV the Sindh Governor Ishrat ul Abaad at the Karachi cricket stadium in a T Shirt and a fresh hair cut that had turned him into a an athletic and healthy looking young sportsman. The removal of his heavy sideburns that used to cover his ears and added years to his real age, made him look not only a well groomed gentleman but also did away with the lethargic and unenergetic impression that he seemed to carry around earlier. Now he looks  much more graceful, handsome and young with the haircut and I wish he asks his one or two fellow MQM ministers also to do the same to look much younger and better like him, which will incidentally also do away with the sort of Bhayya culture that has become synonymous with their long hair covering their ears.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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