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In the wake of the Judgment by the SC on the Asghar Khan case, the press has focussed attention on the ‘misdeeds’ of the Generals and the ruling politicians – the gang of four or char chor – have been striving to get Nawaz Sharif. The informed public opinion ,however, has taken notice that if a ‘non-political’ President – GIK – could do as much as he did in 1990, it is impossible to have fair elections when the President of the country is also the leader of a party. However, what is bigger concern is the concerted campaign led by GEO TV to ridicule the Generals. Military personnel are subject to a more strict discipline than other public servants and are used to their errant colleagues being punished by court martial. But ridicule is another matter.


The Army Chief said that the Asghar Khan case was a case of ‘fighting history’. It was the voice of wisdom and reason but no notice was taken. The interview with Brigadier ® Usman Khalid (link below) underlines the danger of the TV and Press campaign to ridicule Army Generals. If no explanation, apology and criminal prosecution for ‘defamation’ is made, it is feared that there might either be a sporadic violence by junior officers against their seniors for not taking robust action to stop the campaign, or a coup d’état like in 1977 if the elections next year are deemed to be ‘rigged’ in favour of the ‘Char Chor’ who rule Pakistan today. Click on the following to see the full interview:


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