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Here is a video interview on UTube about the kangaroo court trial of Opposition leaders for ‘crimes against humanity’ allegedly committed during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War. The Awami League Administration has used clandestine operations and kangaroo courts to weaken the military and to liquidate the two main opposition parties – Bangladesh National Party(BNP) and Jamaat i Islami. Soon after it came to power in 2008, it staged the massacre of BDR officer – 53 of them including one major general and five brigadiers – by foreign mercenaries flown in and out by RAW with connivance of Awami League politicians. Wives of officers were gang raped and killed; their bodies disposed off in drainage channels and mass graves while the Army was ordered not to intervene for three days as the clandestine RAW operation was completed. The Awami League hanged seven army officers including Colonel Farook, leader of Freedom Party, soon after, for the coup d’état in 1975 despite the officers having been pardoned by the parliament.


Having gotten away with so many murders of opposition leaders and intimidated the majority into silent submission, it is now carrying trial of alleged ‘collaborators’ of 1971 War who supported the Pakistan Army. Originally the Awami League planned to put on trial 200 or so officers of the Pakistan Army held as POWs in India but hesitated owing to international law not supporting such action. Bangladesh was created in consequence of invasion of Pakistan by India in 1971. Those who supported India – the Awami Leaguers - are the collaborators; those on trial are patriots. Pakistan cannot remain indifferent to the show trials. If BNP and JI leader can be indicted for war crimes, convicted and hanged 41 years after the War, it would not be the end. If the stratagem works the Awami League could continue such trials for years and even seek extradition of Pakistani officers. Pakistan needs to wake up, hold an inquiry into the Agartalla conspiracy and issue indictments of those who collaborated with India during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War.


Below is the link to Interview by Samiullak of Brig.(R) Usman Khalid on Tajziah programme viewvideo&Itemid =158&video_id=676
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