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CNG Turmoil

The SC has once again ordered not to change the CNG prices till December 17th instant. At the same time OGRA has been assigned the responsibility of fixing the final prices for the CNG for the various zones in the country. This tug of war between the apex court, the OGRA and the CNG dealers of fixing the prices, revising them on protestations and then again partly accepting/rejecting them is causing great inconvenience to the motorists and loss to the public transporters and Rikshaw drivers.

The CNG dealers were not only happily selling CNG at Rs. 61.00 per Killo in July this year but most were also offering 10 to 20 percent discount as well on this price. One wonders as to why are they now agitating against reverting back to the July 2012 rates? Did the govt. raise the price of gas supplied to CNG dealers during this post July period? And if it did then in all fairness it must come clean and revert to the gas rates of July and pre July period.

One hopes it is not a deliberately engineered ruse of  murking the water to exploit the ignorant consumers, or still worse, someone trying to disparage the present rulers in the eyes of the general public by creating such an uncertain situation ?

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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