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Old Pensioners


The Punjab Ombudsman (Muhtasib) has ordered doubling of the pension of all pensioners over 75 years of age (The daily Jang 25 April 2013). He has also ordered to restore their commuted pensions to full with arrears of the annual increments as applicable.


Is this policy only for the old pensioners of the Punjab province only or also applicable to all government servants of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?


Would the Federal Ombudsman please take similar action in respect of all government , civil and military, old pensioners who are finding it extremely hard to keep their frail bodies and fragile souls together in these days of extreme inflation and high prices.  Incidentally, there are not many over 75 year old pensioners left alive and as such doubling of their meager pensions would not cause any noticeable burden to the exchequer either compared to the shah kharchis  of our mighty rulers and powers that be !!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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