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Main Battle in the Social Media in Pakistan

PEMRA has refrained from submitting before the Supreme Court that in money for the massive advertisement campaign titled @Aman Ki  Aasha @ and @Zara Sochiye@ - ostensibly harmless campaigns - is intended to provide an avenues and a cover to foreign intelligence agencies to fund pliant TV channels like GEO TV. While PEMRA clearly got cold feet or was stopped by its ‘superiors’, the ordinary people in the know have not given up. The following picture is being circulated on the social media which should who receives money on behalf of GWO TB and who has been distributing 50 million US dollars in Pakistan to bribe journalists and buy TV anchors. The offending media persons and companies are well known to the public but the battle goes on.  Some subvert Pakistan and undermine its interests in the name of religion (like TTP and its apologists in the JI and JUI(F)), or of peace (like Najam Sethi, Asma Jehangir and GEO TV), or kill members of minority faiths and sects, or ethnically different groups like in Karachi. But they are funded and supported by foreign intelligence agencies. The challenge before the government of Pakistan is to write a narrative that should explain that the enemy agenda is not to support one sect or one ethnic group; as long as every one killed is a Muslim, the methodology of ‘fourth generation war’ is successful. Can any one in government take up the challenge?  


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