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Political Postings


A commotion was raised by the honourable Minister of Sindh Mr. Sharjeel Memon over the alleged postings of the IGP and the Chief Secretary Sindh, which were rescinded promptly by the powers that be.  Does he and the CM Sindh  think that the present officers holding such high positions would oblige them for anything right or wrong and the new incumbents won’t?  And if they do, then they are worth their salt and I am ashamed to have such officers at such positions!   


Similarly the PM and the Leader of the Opposition have not been able to agree upon the name of the person to be appointed as Chairman NAB for the past so many weeks and days and now the SC had to give them a deadline – 13 September – to appoint one.  Why can’t they agree on ANY one who is competent, firm, fair, honest and enjoys good reputation.  There is no dearth of such men in Pakistan.  Why must they have a man of their own choice?  For God’s sake do they expect that the head of the NAB would be a partisan person, having likes and dislikes and would favour one or the other?  If the NAB chief would be a one like that, I would wish him death before he even assumes the office !!


It is not only amongst the high ups that they want men of their choice, almost all elected representatives want to have the civil servants down to SHO, Patwari and even WAPDA Lineman of their own choice in their respective areas.  One wonders, why?  The answer is so simple, just to make use of them for illegal and immoral acts that an upright and honest officer would not do.


And then we call it democracy and such corrupt politicians our proud elected representatives!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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