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Inaction is not acceptable over the brutal murder of the GOC 17 Division

I was posted in Bannu in 1970 when a lady doctor was abducted and taken to South Waziristan. The response of the military was a warning to target villages followed by aerial bombing of those who had harboured fugitives. It was not known who had abducted the lady doctor but it was well known who harboured fugitives. No statement was issued by the military or the Governor of NWFP. Actions speak louder than words. The lady doctor was driven back to Bannu the very next day. The life and honour of the lady doctor was imperilled but no one waited for negotiating a ransom; prompt and strong response was more important.


Have we information about the hideouts of terrorists? I am sure we have! These need to be struck from the air whenever there is a raid or suicide bombing. Why do we not use the most effective weapon we have? Helicopter gunships and Ground Attack aircraft are most effective in remote hilly terrain. Why do we not use them and put the lives of policemen and servicemen in danger? The American or the TTP do not care about co-lateral damage! Why do we?


I append below messages from other military officers which reflects their mood. Appeasement invites aggression; it does not prevent it. That applies to India as well as the BLA, the TTP and the urban thugs of Karachi.


Usman Khalid

President Rifah Party of Pakistan  

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